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AR-15 parts

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What's going on guys I'ma start my first AR build and was wondering what parts kit would be good I was thinking dpms or stagg what do you guys suggest?
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Rock River Arms has a nice kit, I just used them for mine. Granted I had a RRA lower though lol.
Lpk are cookie cutter. Get whichever you want.
Daniel Defense has a very nice kit.

G&R Tactical makes a very nice kit.

Palmetto State Armory has the least expensive kits.

Stick with those 3 and you can't go wrong.

Haven't had a chance to use a Stag or RRA.

I's pass on DPMS.
I agree with Tikki's evaluation. I have used a couple Stag kits and they're good. ArmaLite is good as well. Del-Ton was pretty creaky as is DPMS but in a pinch should be ok.
I have a doublestar in mine, seems fine to me.
I've been hearing a lot of good things about daniel defense unfortunately I was going today to buy my lower and parts kit thinking my local gun shop would have some in stock they where sold out already even looked online to see if I can get one straight from spikes tactical and they're back ordered for 8 to 12 months and even then my local shop didn't wana do the transfer :(
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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