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Blackthorne has a pretty horrible reputation. Some folks may be safer with a Blackthorne rifle that doesn't fire.

But to address the problem, it could be any of several things wrong. you shouldn't need a heavier buffer for a 20" upper. The 20" will have lower gas pressure than a carbine because the gas port is farther from the chamber.

Possible that your firing pin is bad, or that your firing pin retaining pin is in the wrong position and binding your firing pin. Also, possible that hte bolt is not going fully back into battery after it fires, shich could indicate improper headspace, or bolt to barrel extension fit, or some other excessive drag on the bolt/ bolt carrier. Hammer spring could be installed wrong or be too weak.

Is it picking up the next round out of the mag?

Is it fully ejecting the fired round when it does fire?

What type of ammo are you using? Some brands have harder primers than others.
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