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    Not worth it got my Ar 15 kit from there the upper,is not worth it . It was a 20 inch barrel. Chrome lined I knew the price was to good to be true $439.for the rifle kit They only offer a 3 day warranty . only fired 40 rounds through it.. And the Ftf. Ive been trying to fix the issues but no luck. I wrote to the manufacture and no response yet. Check out my vids on failure to fire on youtube just made it 3 days ago. Im thinking i need a H2 buffer for my 20 inch rifle it came with a standard buffer. But we will see as soon as the h2 buffer gets here
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    Huh? What is going on? Care to elaborate clearly for us?

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    Blackthorne has a pretty horrible reputation. Some folks may be safer with a Blackthorne rifle that doesn't fire.

    But to address the problem, it could be any of several things wrong. you shouldn't need a heavier buffer for a 20" upper. The 20" will have lower gas pressure than a carbine because the gas port is farther from the chamber.

    Possible that your firing pin is bad, or that your firing pin retaining pin is in the wrong position and binding your firing pin. Also, possible that hte bolt is not going fully back into battery after it fires, shich could indicate improper headspace, or bolt to barrel extension fit, or some other excessive drag on the bolt/ bolt carrier. Hammer spring could be installed wrong or be too weak.

    Is it picking up the next round out of the mag?

    Is it fully ejecting the fired round when it does fire?

    What type of ammo are you using? Some brands have harder primers than others.
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    SSGN - already been through that, his BCG (and lower) fired on another rifle. On a video he posted, it will fire once, pick up the next round, and then not fire. There will be a primer indentation, though apparently not deep enough to fire the round. He demonstrated this with several rounds. Ammo was Winchester 5.56, it appears.

    I was the one that suggested the H2 buffer, the idea being that with the reciprocal force being equal to that of a rifle buffer, it might actually lock and fire.

    toxicthrash: Yeah, Blackthorne (Vulcan, Hesse - same company) isn't worth the money, and you probably won't hear back from them. I'd just skip the H2 and get a whole new upper in this case; cut your losses, because it's probably not going to work. You can try it to see, but who knows what else is wrong with that upper.

    You could have gotten a Bravo Company upper for a comparable price, and with much better quality and customer service. Sorry for your troubles.
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    Sorry about your luck toxic. Some of us have had Blackthorne/Vulcan/Hesse/whatever else they are calling themselves, products,(me too unfortunately) and posted our experiences. To say they are bottom of the barrel is doing a disservice to every other AR type company in the barrel. They got a writeup in an issue of "Special Weapons" mag in 2004, and evidently they sent their only functioning rifle to the magazine, and got decent reviews. I got my LGS to order me a stripped upper and lower, and had nothing but problems. I crushed and melted (they were plastic) them so no one else would try to use them and hurt themselves.
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    First off have the head space checked any reputable gun smith can check this in minutes and should not cost you much. If anything not only for function but just alone for your safety , If all is good then move on to the hammer spring it may be too light or incorrectly installed $0- $7.00 fix and I have had this happen tinkering with my spring weights , one will go off the next may not , I dont think you have a BCG issue because as stated above it worked in another rifle . The H2 buffer is not going to fix your problem. Check to make sure they did not send you a rilfe length spring , it wouldnt be the first time I have seen this happen and it causes FTFs and stove pipes also, What mags are you using ? try a different mag preferable PMag if your having FTF issues and you have the correct length buffer spring in there , another thing to check may be the barrel port hole has a burr or possible didnt get drilled at the right size , this will also cause FTF / FTE issues . Sometimes it will have enough gas to eject and not feed the next round.
    If you cannot find the problem with what everyone else and I have stated I dont know what to tell you . Everything has been covered completely