AR 15 night sights

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    I'm sure this has been covered, but I haven't been able to find the answer. I'm contemplating buying a front night sight for my RRA. Anyone have any suggestions of what is the best to buy and how hard are they to install?
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    I have a Trijicon front sight post. Installation is easy: Unscrew old post (don't lose detent spring) screw in new one.
    What are you planning on using your rifle for? I have found that the night sights were not so useful. For anything out past 10 yards, the flashlight was on for identification purposes anyhow which washes out the glow from the sight. Inside 10-15 yards, "sighting" is done between the ears of the sight base without the rear sight, and I don't use the post anyway. Just some info as most front illuminated front sights are upwads of $50 which might be better used somwhere else on the rifle.
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    I have Trijicons front and rear on my "work gun" Colt Gov't Carbine. I only have them because they were free. Retiring Officer had installed them on his issue gun so, being the armorer, I swapped 'em out.

    I would not buy them. A good light is far more valuable. Judging by your screenname, you will need to ID a targert before engaging. Night sights do not illuminate bad guys. A good 6v weapon mounted light is much better for "our line of work".