AR 15 Colt or another brand?

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by mickey, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. mickey

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    I am looking for advice on which gun to purchase. I think/thought I wanted a Colt AR 15 with flat top receiver. I want a .223 configured so I can place a high quality gen 3 night scope and a suppressor. It seems to get a Colt it will need to be used and I cannot seem to locate what I described. Any advice will be appreciated.

  2. balloo93

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    I would base my choice on what I planned to do with the weapon.

    I'd get a colt if I was LEO and planned to use the sucker a lot. Drills and lots of rounds through it.

    I don't do that so I went with something I could shoot well and fit my budget. There are plenty of quality makers out there that should fit your bill.

    You looking for a already built rifle? You going to partially build your own (ie assembled upper and you build the lower)?

    What is your budget?

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    I won't ever knock a Colt (too many fans out there to jump all over me if I did :p). But there are ALOT of options out there, and prices to go along with them. Price wise, right now, it seems like Stag or DPMS offer about the most affordable models in what you are looking for, starting around $700. From there, they will go up, unless of course you buy used. Then it's pretty much up to what the owner wants to let it go for. Buying new, of course you get the peace of mind of having a warranty to fall back on. Just another thing to consider. Other brands to look at, that will keep you under the price of a Colt, would include Bushmaster, Rock River Arms, Armalite, etc. Or if you are looking for "brand recognition", then you might want to look at Noveske, LMT, Wilson Combat, Les Baer, etc. Just remember to bring your BIGGER wallet ;)
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    In my opinion get the Colt and forget the rest. There are some other great guns out there but for a gun that will hold its value and increase the most with a likely democrap coming to office I'd stick with the Colt!
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    If it's MILSPEC, it's probably OK. A buddy got a Colt flat-top recently and the thing is pretty poorly fitted together. Sure, it's only one piece of thousands, but it was an eye-opener to me: I figured a Colt would be among the best. They aren't, necessarily. Stag, DPMS, Bushmaster and others are also good options.
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    Colts are great, no argument there. At 350$+ per thousand, 5.56 can get pretty spendy to shoot. I say if it is to be a safe queen, buy a COLT and sit back while it appreciates. If you plan to send a lot of lead down range, but a STAG and get a 1k plus rounds with the money you save. I have yet to find a person who wasn't more than satified with a rifle from Stag Arms.


    Ar-15 Colt Or Some Other Brand?


    Ron L here = SERESURPLUS

    When it comes to AR-15, COLT no longer Holds the "High Ground", as in the Case of the 1911A1, they slipped in Quality, they got all sorts of other folks to Build thier parts for them! I.E. Olympic, Bushmaster, ETC ETC ETC, I have owned a few AR-15 over the last 25 years, a few Colts, a few Bushmasters and an Olympic, I didn't see a quality difference between the better Built Bushmasters and Olympic and the COLTS any day! I say go with what works for ya, if your looking re-sale the Colt might have the edge, if your talking use and utility, I'd look a lot of other places BESIDES COLT! Sorry, if that offends the COLT crowd, but facts are facts and As I said, Colt let the 1911A1 market get away from them, and now have done the same on the AR-15! It's thier own fault and thier own problem to fix! Quality at Colt is no longer Job #1 and has not been for a lonnng time! Just my opinion, but had near 25 years of looking at the problem, used to live in CT, and knew folks that had and stil work there!
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    Sounds like you got money. Build one up with a good shop. It's way more fun and you'll have a better weapon. I have 3 AR's The two I built were EXACTLY what I wanted.
  9. RMTactical

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    LMT is better and slightly cheaper and easier to get.

    A Stag Arms/LMT hybrid could be even cheaper but still just as high quality, and easier to get than a Colt.
  10. Dgunsmith

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    Colt is good for high reliability...thats it.

    For precision: others simply do it better

    Starting with Bushmaster, Rock River , S&W...and of course Les Baer IF you want a AR made exactly to the Mil-Spec print to do surgical accuracy...and you pay for that level of precision.

    There is a reason Baer makes the ONLY 223 sniper rifles used in Afghanistan and Iraq !

    With the level of night vision and adding supression, you may want to look at the Baer 6.5 Grendel under 1/2 MOA @ 500 yards.
  11. DSAPT9

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    It has been a while sense I looked over the Colts and they may have changed but at one time they used different sized trigger pins and the upper and lower pins where also a different size (larger). This is not a problem unless you decide to swap out parts later down the road. As long as you know this up front you should have no problems with the firearm.
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    Now THAT I would pay to see!
  13. h&k bigdaddydieseldan

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    rock river arms, dpms ,armalite ,bushmaster and so many more brands out there that are 100% better then any colt which in my opinion is a pos :mad: :mad: :eek: :eek: