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ar 15 build. first build.

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i want to start building an ar 15 this summer. i would like to avoid buying premade uppers, lowers, basically everything pre assembled. i know it will be hella expensive to buy all the nuts and bolts and all the parts individually, and i have found a few websites that sell parts packages for all aspects of the gun.

what would some of you who have built an ar15 before recommend as this is my first build, and i would like to keep it as cheap as i can, seeing how i want to put the entire thing together myself. im going to find a guide on assembling an ar 15, but im not to worried about finishing quick. id rather finish with a gun built entirely by me, for me.
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will a barrel designated for the 5.56 nato fire the .223 round safely? is there really that much of a difference in the two rounds? i know the .223 wylde chamber will handle both rounds, but how do barrels work. i've already started assembling the lower, and im looking ahead at parts i will need next. dont want to hurt myself when i go to the range with my first build.
You can fire .223 in a gun chambered for 5.56, but the 5.56 chamber has a longer lead, and because of this, accuracy may suffer and velocity will be slightly less. The more important issue is the 5.56 loaded to military specs has higher velocity and chamber pressure than the .223. Consequently, firing 5.56 ammo in a .223 chamber with a shorter lead can dramatically increase chamber pressure. In some cases this can result in primer pocket gas leaks, blown cartridge case heads and functioning issues. The 5.56 military cartridge fired in a .223 Rem chamber is considered by SAAMI to be an unsafe ammunition combination. This is why most high quality, accuracy-built AR-15 models offered with 5.56 chambers instead of .223 chambers, so people won't be loading .223 chambers with 5.56 ammo - the other way is ok, it's a safety issue, not an accuracy one. The RRA Wylde chamber was designed as a Match chambering and is relieved slightly to help in extraction and has a shorter lead to improve accuracy - but it will accept both .223 and 5.56.
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