AR-10 and M1A. (and the new LaRue came too)

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    Today I shot Dad's Springfield M1A "Super Match" and it is official. . . I LOVE THAT DAMN GUN!!!! I kept some paper, which I will attach along with the paper I printed with the AR-10, which I also loved, but the M1 was my style.

    First up was the AR-10 after doing a little warm up with "Scrapy" who is still coming along quite well. The AR-10 is a hoss of a gun. The recoil took some adjusting to my hold and the trigger was a 2-stage, (new to me) but once I got the feel for the 2 stage trigger, I was soon breaking clay pigeons and empty shot shells at 200 yds w/ the scope cranked out, of course. I gathered up a chunk of steel that they have, usually on a 2x4 or something, (they are letting the place go . . .:mad:) and was able to fix up a standing steel target ~8" in diameter that I could see if it was hit each shot. 2nd pic was 200 yards prone/kneeling

    While I was shooting that, Dad was sighting in the new AR-15. After some elevation adjustments (no windage needed) it was grouping 1"-2" at 100 yds. We don't use rests, so we were MORE than satisified with that. The 3rd pic was the LaRue from 200yds. Apparently we didn't get a 100 yard paper back???

    Then. . . Dad busted out the M1A. LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!!!. It took me a minute to get my strap adjusted, but once it did, that gun was M-I-N-E. The recoil is nothing, especialy compared to the AR-10. Pops had it sighted in at 25 yds, then 2" high at 100. The 4th pic target attached NEXT-POST-PIC was my first 5 shots from 100 yds using open sights. I have to obtain one. .. . SOON!

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  2. diggsbakes

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    The M1A "Super Match"

    My first 5 from 100. Open sights, PRONE!!!

    PERFECT DAY! ! !

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  3. Dillinger

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    That is indeed one damn fine day. :cool:

    Nice shooting to boot, I am glad you are on our side.

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    The beauty of that rifle, and your eloquent prose brings a tear to my eye.:p

    There really isn't anything like a good M14.
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    I'm envious & great shooting! A M1A is on my bucket list and I could only hope it would be that nice.