Appreciate any advice for my first IDPA match.

Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by staudisglock, Dec 2, 2010.

  1. staudisglock

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    I am going to try a IDPA match this month and i am looking for any advice as it will be my first one. I will be using a G23 with a desantis cozy partner this my EDC i have yet to decide on ammo though iam leaning towards federal 165gr FMJ, pistol is on point with those .
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  2. fireguy

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    Good question

    They just started doing these at an indoor range 35 miles from me. A friend wants to go one of these upcoming Thursdays, but my son plays jr. high basketball on that night. As soon as the season is over I want to try it too. Any input I see here is about the only training I'll get before I go. So I hope you get some good feedback.

  3. utf59

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    I've only been to a few competitions, and I have yet to compete in IDPA, though I have observed a couple of their matches. One thing that all of the competitions I have been to have had in common is that everyone is friendly and extremely helpful.

    At the meeting before the match, they will (I can almost guarantee it) ask if there are new shooters. They'll probably talk to that group a little longer and make sure that some experienced shooter in your squad knows you're there and to look out for you.

    If you have found ammo that hits where your sights are pointed, stick with that. FMJ is a good choice, and some matches require it if they include steel plates as part of a course of fire.

    Be prepared to meet a bunch of people and to have a lot of fun.

    The only words of caution I have are:
    1. Read over the rules before you go, especially about what is and isn't allowed for your gun. For example, you mentioned a G23. If it's a C model (compensated) you can't shoot it. If it's a stock, non-compensated model, it should be fine, but double-check.

    2. Go slow. If you get in a hurry, it's easier to do something you can get disqualified for (like drop your gun or accidentally point it a little past 180º).

    Enjoy yourself.
  4. danf_fl

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    1. You can never shoot fast enough to make up a miss on the target. Go easy and be smooth. Don't try to emulate those who have played the game for a while.

    2. Know your equipment. If something is not "right", fix it.

    3. Ask questions. The only "dumb" question is the one you didn't ask. Everybody started out as a beginner.

    4. Be safe with everything.

    5. Have fun!!!!
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    The club I went to would not let a newbie ( although I shot Ipsic for years) shoot the first meeting and only the second alone on the course.

    Read the rules, there are some strange things in there.

    Your weapon has to be concealed, but a short flip up vest covers that.

    There are rules for holsters too.

    I prefer accuracy to speed.

    There is ALWAYS someone there that shoots better than you.

    Not everyone is as safety orientated as you.

    Have fun !!