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    Hi - just came across this on the Appleseed forum, and thought there might be some interest here.

    Greetings all,
    The JMJ Farm in Bowler WI is hosting a designated marksman match May 9th and/or 10th. A two-mile, seven stage course will test you, your kit, and your preferred shooting discipline whether it is traditional American riflery (Appleseed) or precision riflery (Sniper’s Hide). Ranges vary from 100 yards to 600+ yards and field position shooting will be required; i.e. standing, seated/kneeling, and prone. The goals of the match are to practice rifle marksmanship under some stress, debug your kit in the field, and teach a bit of American history. Appleseeders will instantly recognize the Hits Count stage and Hide members will be familiar with the Know Your Limit sort of thing. You need only be at one of the days. The match will be kid and spouse friendly, having a 22LR “simulation” of each stage for them that the high power shooters engage. I might even have a class ready for the kids/spouse teaching the Streloc app with a 22lr long range simulator. A $200 donation will be made to the winning discipline’s champion website and a $100 donation to the second best in appreciation for all that they do for the shooting community.

    The cost to shoot for score will be $25 but the cost to compete for score and prizes will cost $100. You may retry (even a different discipline) for $25. The top competitor in each discipline will receive their money back plus half of the fee paid by competitors in the same. A second place in each may be awarded his money back plus 10% of all like competitors if the event is well attended.

    Any questions or sign up request can be directed to JoeZ via pm or phone call or email. Thank you for your interest.

    • All persons will be required to follow the safety rules.
    • All persons must submit a hold JMJ Farms harmless agreement.
    • Shooters will not be required to walk the course, UTV and ATV rides available.
    • 22lr rifles will be at each stage, but you may bring your own.
    • Only the first try counts for standings and prizes.
    • RSO’s shoot for free, pm me for a spot as I need more.
    • The entire course of fire will be under 100 rounds per try.
    • Winnings and donations to the websites are the minimum and may increase based on attendance and competitors.
    • Majority of targets will be steel Army “D” so no steel wrecking hyper velocity or giant 50 cal cartridges.
    • I sincerely hope I haven’t stepped on any toes with this project.

    Discipline will be decided by sling use. Appleseed discipline will use slings and no other support and Sniper's Hide will use bipods and such with no sling use.

    Optics or irons doesn't matter.

    Starts at 8:00 AM;The course of fire is the same for either discipline, show up, do admin, get briefed, go shoot. There will be no general briefing. Your first try is for score, but you may retry all you like, even choosing the other discipline. Day 2 is just more time to squeeze people in, nothing new.

    All targets are steel, a hit = 1 point

    Stage 1; Captain Isaac Davis and the Acton Minutemen
    Standing, 100 yds, 10 rounds max, 2 minutes, Army D target.
    Win by score; no tiebreaker; top scores +3

    Stage 2; Daniel Morgan’s Challenge
    Prone, 100-400 yds, 13 rounds max, 1 minute, 4 army Ds + a bucket.
    Win by score; tiebreaker by shortest time; winner +3

    Stage 3; Timothy Murphy Knew His Limit
    Prone 6 rounds, seated 6 rounds, 300-650 yards, no time limit
    Win by score, no tiebreaker, to scores +3

    Stage 4; Ambush at Miriam’s Corner
    Prone, 600-200 yds, no round limit (must hit 10 targets)
    Win by shortest time, winner +3

    Stage 5; Stay Loose Though Adhering
    Seated, 300 yds, No round limit( 10 hits required) 1 minute, 1 army D target
    Win by shortest time, winner +3

    Stage 6; A Man’s Home Is His Castle
    Bring a pistol; you’re going to need it here.

    Stage 7; Parker’s Revenge
    Any position, 100 yds, 10 rounds, 1 minute
    Win by score, no tie breaker, top scores +3
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    This sounds very interesting. Where abouts is Bowler, Wi. I have lived and traveled Wisconsin my whole life and I never heard of it.
    I just might have to check this out.
    Thanks, rimmer

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    Bowler is between Shawano and Wausau.