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    I live in a little town and I'm trying to get a business license, an FFL for a gunsmithing shop, and the local government said no today - despite my having all my ducks in a row and meeting every single requirement for local, state and federal licensing they said no.
    I was polite but deep down I am royally pissed.
    Their stated reason was 'it would increase traffic', despite the fact the business is invitation only and would mean me getting perhaps 2 customers per week.
    This would mean my only chance for a job is gone.

    Can I appeal to the state, county, or federal government, and how would I go about doing it? The BATF could not answer me with certainty.
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    IS the zoning not right or something? Or is it a HOA?Didnt know they could just say no. Thought there had to be a law or zoning restriction.

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    In my city, Seagoville, you can legally have a business from your home as many do around here.
    The reason that the zoning official gave me was 'fear for increased traffic'. Can someone explain to me how four people a week, if that many, is going to cause a traffic jam?
    Hell, the SOB next door to me has a 5 ton trailer and a 2 ton diesel for his wrecker service (ON A RESIDENTIAL G*D DAMNED STREET!) parked so that half of the street's width is taken up by his trailer.
    The city hasn't said a thing to him over the past 6 years it's been there! And it's just one of 4 working diesels parked in the city!
    DO I have to bribe one of these people?!

    So, if the city refuses to let me have my business, what can I do? Can I take them to county small claims court or what?
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    I got fired from my security guard job. I had 20 years in the military with the US Army Rangers. My employer said I was a "Security Risk"...go figure??? No justification, no reason, no documentation.

    It is just a plain fact that those in charge, who are cowards, will do all they can to manufacture fear, destroy anyone, generate the evidence to support their determination, just so they pocket the benefits for their personal success.
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    MAtty- you have a zoning issue. It sounds like you are requesting a variance in use permit. The town/city has a zoning board. You have a right to appeal a decision to the board. You will need to present them with facts to support your contention that this will not increase traffic. In all likelihood, they are having to look at not just now, but future, since once they grant the variance, they have a hard time taking it back.

    You need to explore this at town level- Feds have nothing to do with it.
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    I have been told that if you threaten them with a discrimination suit, considering your neighbors situation, they may allow you to do it. But I would do this as a last resort.

    I imagine that their fear is you have no way of guaranteeing them your traffic level. And they do not want an argument with the other neighbors.

    I too would file for variance. It may be worth your money to talk to a local lawyer.
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    Tell them you want to counsel LGBT people in your home office. They won't dare to get in the way of that. ;)