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    Can Enyone tell me what the law is in Ohio or federally for owning/building a sbr, and if make my own "AK47" reciever what's the law as far as the serial number and registering it in my name,also if I register the reciever as a pistol can I put a stick on it or does it have to stay a pistol
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    First- Ohio State law appears to permit Class III sort of things as long as you meet Federal laws.

    Federal- you cannot make a full auto. Only those already registered by May 1986 CAN be registered to a private citizen.

    Building an AK74 pistol (semi auto) Have fun. Federal law allows you to build for your own use, SN not required.

    Suppressor- transfer must be made thru a dealer in your state with the right licenses. If you want to MAKE a suppressor, see the ATF, pay the fee and do the paperwork FIRST. Same for making an SBR.

    Adding a stock to a pistol- makes it an SBR. See above.