Anyway to find the registered state if a firearm?

Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by thefarmboy21, Mar 11, 2013.

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    Just wondering if there was a way to find out wheat state a gun is registered in. As Ohio residents we are supposed to purchase off of Ohio only residents OR have them transferred through and FFL. BUT I just acquired one from a friend who is in fact an Ohio resident, BUT he bout it off a guy at a WV gun show. What's the worst that could happen if I'm carrying it and its checked and turns out to be a different state?
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    None of my guns are "registered." What states have registration? They aren't automobiles!!

    A NICS check doesn't get stored in a database and I hope it never does. That sounds an awful lot like INFRINGEMENT to me.

    I've bought every one of my guns legally, and most with a NICS check, but there is no place a police officer could check the serial # and get any info about me or the gun. Except maybe that it wasn't reported stolen anywhere...

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    I do not know your state laws.
    But this question should have been brought up before the purchase, not after.

    What you have here is a reason for FFL holders. Even if the private transaction took place between friends legally by fed standards, the use of an FFL holder could have eased your concerns.
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    Legal advice from us is worth every penny you paid for it. In MOST of the US, there IS no registration of ordinary firearms.

    If your friend bought a handgun from another state without going thru an FFL, he has a problem.

    Do you REALLY want to become part of his problem?

    Federal law (18 US Code, Section 922) says you may not acquire a handgun outside your state of residence. IF he bought it when he lived in WV, and brought the gun with him when he moved- not a problem.
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    Right. if the firearm cross state lines in the process of a sale, then there had better be an FFL dealer involved. If the firearm crossed state lines in the process of the owner moving/relocating to a new state, and after he became a resident of a new state sold the gun, then there's no need for an FFL to be involved.
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    Well to be honest, I asked a friend who owns a LGS and he said I should prolly just leave it like it is....I thought it was strange but figured he knew more than me. I traded some car parts for the gun, so it was too good to pass up. I originally had no intentions on keeping it, but now I've almost decided to hang on to it for a while. It's not thing to keep it at the house and have fun with it once in a while, but I don't wanna carry it and risk getting checked or whatever the case may be, and it come back to bite me. BUT I got it from an Ohio resident and he's an Ohio resident I just don't know who he got it from, just that it was at a local tri-state gun show.