Anything better than Glock?

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by GoGlockOrGoHome, Feb 25, 2013.

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  1. GoGlockOrGoHome

    GoGlockOrGoHome New Member

    I'm a glock whore.
    I love the durability, reliability, accuracy, price and ability to accessorize.

    If for some crazy reason I would venture out and buy something else, what other gun manufacturer/model would even come close?
    I want something EXTRENELY reliable. Everything else I could care less about.
    I don't care about price or looks.
    Just reliability and durability.

    So besides Glock, what else would compare?
  2. akms47nagont

    akms47nagont New Member

    I don't know why my iPhone sends things before their finished From my research on the firearm which I have never handled nor shot the XD 40 or xd series of pistol From videos on YouTube of disassembly it is very close to the Glock when Field stripping as far as accuracy I couldn't tell you It has an extra safety such as the one you'd find on the 1911 grip And a more straight down Grip compared to the Glock has a curved Grip And it looks pretty darn good

  3. Axxe55

    Axxe55 The Apocalypse Is Coming.....

    there are many just as reliable and just as durable.

    lets see here, Sig, H & K, Ruger, Springfield, S & W, Colt, ect., ect.,,,,,,
  4. akms47nagont

    akms47nagont New Member

    The only other handguns I could think of that would be better than a glock personally I'd rather 1911
  5. austin92

    austin92 New Member

  6. kbd512

    kbd512 Well-Known Member Lifetime Supporter

    The S&W M&P has better ergonomics, to me, than the Glock, price is comparable, durability and reliability are about the same, and it's made in the USA.

    What do I mean by better ergonomics:

    - Grip is tacky, has a palm swell (like it was made for a human hand that might get bloody, sweaty, and/or greasy)

    - Magazine release is easier to actuate

    - Slide is easier to securely grip with a sweaty or greasy hand (I'm not sure how guys that have the nickel boron finish on their Glock slides get a grip because I have sometimes have problems with the normal finish on mine)

    - Longer sight radius

    - Picatinny accessory rail (means you don't have to have a separate SureFire X300 for your Glock and for your carbine)

    - Beavertail (if you have fat hands you'll appreciate not having the slide bite you)

    - Doesn't require a butt plug
  7. chuckusaret

    chuckusaret Member

    I have several that have, in my case, served me better then the one Glock that I had. My first choice is the Springfield XD40 SC, my primary EDC, then the S&W M&P auto loaders. I have over 6K rounds down the pipe on my XD40SC without the first failure of any type and about 1K rounds on a XD40 5" without a failure.
  8. rory83

    rory83 New Member

    I shot both a Glock 22 and a XD40 both about equally and love them both only real differences I can see is my XD is a little heavier with 3 less rounds when fully loaded an the XD has the extra safety. Both shot very reliable I'm one of the few people I know that have had a Glock jam but I know what the problem was and it wasn't something that would be a problem except at the range. I over oiled it then ran several hundred rounds of some really really dirty low powered ammo through it.
  9. Don_Mega

    Don_Mega New Member

    How about CZ's? I am a Glock guy. Shot many pistol brands and calibers haven't shot a CZ though and a buddy swears by it as the pistol to have if you only have one. How are CZ's? Pros and cons?
  10. audiophile

    audiophile New Member

    Love my G22, getting ready to add a G23 to the family but after that prob gonna get a XD 3.8 .40 next. I have also looked at the M&Ps, Sigs and FNs. I am also currently looking at a Kahr CW380 for my wife and daughter.
  11. chloeshooter

    chloeshooter New Member

    I'd take the Ruger 'SR' series over a Glock any day:

    - made in USA (used to mean something to Americans)
    - accuracy of Rugers is better from what I have seen
    - Glocks cost more
    - Glocks look ugly as sin

    other than that, I'd take a Glock lol
  12. Sentry18

    Sentry18 New Member

    My agency went through a T&E about 2-3 years back when looking for a new duty gun. Several manufacturers submitted guns and they all went through the same fairly extensive testing process. Most of the guns passed and went on to the selection process so it really came down to preference and universal appeal (ergos, controls, etc.). The M&P won the contract of my department but Sig, Beretta, H&K, etc. all produced excellent guns that were at least equal to the Austrian wonder gun. On an interesting side note, the Gen4 Glocks failed the test and were removed from consideration (although Glock has redesigned the redesign a few times since then). The 3rd Gen Glocks passed with flying colors. There is no perfect gun and there is no holy grail. Marketing, price point, availability and brand loyalty have more to do with a guns market success than anything else. Glock just figured this out faster than other companies, but other companies are catching up very quickly. Right now during this panic FNH is selling guns like mad. That will no doubt result in a major increase in their fan base when we come out the other side of it. Ruger is also really coming along and is responding to what the market wants. In the end there are so many guns equal to the Glock that it would be hard to list them all.
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  13. Baxter

    Baxter New Member

    CZ makes a lot of great guns. The 75 line is known to be one of the best 9mm handguns out there and many will say it is THE best. And they make both a polymer and steel version. It functions like a dream and has the looks to boot. Of course looks are subject to opinions, but for me a satin nickel CZ 75B is one of the best looking guns out there. I believe they discontinued that finish though. Your friend isn't blowing smoke up your ***, it wouldn't be my pick for only one, but I'm sure many would have the same opinion he has. I just personally would keep my 357 revolver.
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  14. Jagermeister

    Jagermeister New Member

    I think the HK USP is a better polymer gun. Better materials and none of the extra learning like how not to shoot low and to the left. I see newbies do it all the time. Or, people getting brass in the face. Also misfires if forced to make a shot limp wristed. I like the various carry options that a USP offers. Also USP does not get the infamous pig nose effect. USPs spring is much better than a Glock. My .40 has very little recoil. I fired the gen4 G22, and it does have more recoil. This does not matter to me, but it might for others. The Glock is better for people with small hands and it is cheaper. It is a little heavier, but that stops the limp wrist misfires. Both have same type of railing and three dot sights. The USP does not have the cheap breakable sights like a Glock. The USP's sights ride higher than a Glock, but I like this more for some reason. Personally, I am more accurate with the USP. Nothing wrong with a Glock and I would recommend for some people. I recommend a Glock 19 for my mother who lives in Texas. I owned a Glock 17 back in the Earlier 90's, but would not want to buy another one with better pistols out there. This is my opinion though so no haters please.
  15. notdku

    notdku Administrator Staff Member

    I moved this thread to the Glock section where it will be better appreciated.
  16. GoGlockOrGoHome

    GoGlockOrGoHome New Member

    I wasn't trying to create a thread claiming glock is "the best".

    All I'm looking for are recommendations for pistols that are equally reliable and durable...

    I want to buy another pistol and wanted to try something new.

    Which is why I didn't post this in the "Glock" section...because I wanted opinions from non-glock users (or from people that aren't biased towards glock).
    This thread belongs in a general firearm forum, but thanks, I guess.
  17. Vikingdad

    Vikingdad New Member

    Glocks have no life or warmth to them. Utilitarian tools that do what they are supposed to. I hate the lack of balance, I hate the trigger. But I still own one. I rarely take it out to shoot it on a trip to the range for fun (even though I usually bring it.)

    What are you looking for? Something you can take to the range and enjoy shooting? Marksmanship? Something unusual?

    I really love shooting old single action revolvers. Also love shooting 1911s, though I don't yet own one. Love my double actions as well. The .22 rimfire has its merits, have some in single action revolver and a Ruger 22/45. Both are a blast to shoot and cheap to boot!

    So, whats your fancy Mr. GoGlockOrGoHome? (Odd that someone with that username would be looking for something else. Just sayin'.)
  18. AR10

    AR10 New Member

    They are tried and true. They are also one of the few offering the 10mm in the steel Tupperware blend.
  19. GoGlockOrGoHome

    GoGlockOrGoHome New Member

    Haha, yes "GoGlockOrGoHome" will be "going home" with a pistol other than a glock, lol.

    What I'm looking for isssss..
    1. Extremely reliable (goes bang EVERY time & will last a lifetime)
    2. Extremely durable (can take a beating)
    3. A caliber that is 9mm or larger (the bigger the better)

    What I DONT want issss...
    1. A revolver
    2. Anything with more than 10 round capacity (CA law) :(

    What is NOT a factor or what is NOT important to me isssss...
    1. Looks (I don't care if its ugly)
    2. Price (ill pay whatever for a pistol that meets these needs)

    So far I haven't found anything that meets this criteria except Glock.
    But then again, I'm brand new to firearms. So I know diddly squat!
    Thanks in advance for your help!
  20. boatme98

    boatme98 New Member

    Sig P-239.
    Should meet all your criteria.

    But it does seem that you've ask the good folks here for advice, yet dismiss every suggestion merely because they don't answer "Glock".
    We must have mistakenly assumed you were interested in another make.
    We apologise.
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