Anyone used a Lyman Sonic Brass Cleaner?

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    Has anyone used the Lyman sonic cleaner and how do they rate it? How often do you need to replace the liquid solutions? I am looking at buying one since I hate waiting for hours for my tumbled brass to be clean. Thanks for any feedback.
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    The Lyman looks and sounds suspiciously like this:
    Ultrasonic Cleaner - 2.5 Liter
    If there is a significant difference, I didn't spot it. HF's Price is better too.

    I've got one (the HF version), it does good for parts cleaning. My standard Lyman vibe tumbler works better on brass. It holds more and requires less monitoring. YMMV.

    I dump out the solution each time. I typically use some form of Citrus cleaner or Simple green.
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    Mine works great, I would give it a grade of **8**.

    But you really need to change the water/solution every time. I mix it up a gallon of distilled water at a time and that sames a lot of time over measuring and mixing just one cleaning batch at a time.

    It's a lot more expensive to use than a tumbler with corncob or walnut media. The solution doesn't grow on trees. I've researched this a LOT and I can't find anyone who is happy with any kind of home brew they've worked up, including Simple Green, the smell of which makes me yak anyway.
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