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anyone shooting the BLR 7-08 ?

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How accurate is it and dependable? I like the idea of take down for travel (airlines) heard the barrel gets hot real fast? anyway how has it performed for you?
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I am not, but that was going to be my pick last December as I was purchasing a 7mm-08. What took it out for me was having to mount the scope so far forward, scout scope style. I know that is a fairly common set up, but I have not seen one. Nor have I ever seen such a scope advertised for such a long eye relief. With a little research, I am sure it would be just fine. But I was not wanting to take the time and with rifle and scope well over $1,000 + I could not afford to buy a set up I did not get along with. The BLR is very well balanced, well made, and I have had one in the past. It was a very accurate rifle. On the BLR I had many years ago, was able to mount the scope like a bolt action rifle. Resale on a BLR is also strong in my area. It would be hard to go wrong in that caliber in a BLR. Myself, I do not like the magnums in a lever as such a long throw with the lever to reload.
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I have a BLR in .223Rem and love it. I have put probably 500 rounds through it and it is very dependable and pretty accurate as well. Only thing I don't really like about it is the high gloss finish and no sling.
BLR = good rifle

I bought my Father a BLR in 7-08 years ago. It has always shot within a 1.5 three shot group with factory ammo. My Oldest son has it now. It is a very good dependable lever gun that he treasures. Darn good on whitetails too.

This is probably the best deer round in my opinion. I've use 22 hornet, 223, 41mag, 20ga, 12ga, muzzleloader in 45 and 50cal, 204, 243, 7mm08, 260, 270, , 280, 30/30, 308, 25:06, 30:06, 7mm mag, 45/70, 375 H&H and probably more that I don't remember at this time? But all that being said the 7mm-08 is probably as good of a deer cartridge that has ever been made. JMO
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