Anyone own a Remington model 5 .22lr ?

Discussion in '.22 Rifle/Rimfire Discussion' started by robbo60, Nov 8, 2009.

  1. robbo60

    robbo60 New Member

    How do you like it? Tell me about it, I'm very interested in buying one. Looks like they might be a good bang for the buck.
  2. kenhesr

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    Hi neighbor! I picked up a new one this spring for the grandaughter. First time out, sighting it in became an, "ohhh yeah, this is a Keeper" moment! Shooting at a beer can on a dirt bank out 120 yds, after 5 rds and a few small scope adjustments we could hit it EVERY time.

    Next we set up a paper target at 60 yds, after 4 rds to dial it in, proceeded to take the center out of it!

    To clarify, all shots were fired off sandbag rests on calm sunny days, no wind at all - ammo used was Federal bulk packed .22LR, 36 grain, copper plated, hollow points. At 60 yds all shots could be covered by a Quarter. Not too bad for a little girls first days of shooting!

    Down side - the rifle has a 5 rd magazine and I can't find any extras for sale at any price. I have been told that Mossy 702 plinkster 10 rd mags will fit with minor modifications. Got some, but have not tried to fit them yet.

    Do I like the rifle, you bet! Would I recommend it, yes but not till I get another one, (don't want to drive up the price) I'll be watching the sales at Dick's & Gander Mt. this winter. Good Luck, Ken


  3. agoetz2005

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    My Friend has the Zastava version and loves it. He had the front sight cut off, barrel shortened, rechambered with an anchutz reamer, and turned upside down to hide the rear sight dovetail.

    Shoots good.