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I stopped by my LGS in Cibolo, TX today, and picked up my Savage 10XP .223 Rifle, decked out with a Scope and Mossy Oak Brush Camo Paint. She's a Beaut!

My Gun-Guy, just received 1 GSG STG44-22 (.22 Cal) Rifle, if anyone is looking for one. I got one for Christmas, and it's an outstanding Shooter! The Rear Sight, is an AK-47 Style, however, while the Front and Rear Sight can be Adjusted for Elevation, the Rear Sight can also be Adjusted for Windage as well. I mention this, because, my GSG AK47-22, does NOT Adjust for Windage. It's a Fixed Dovetail Rear Sight, at the end of the Sight Bar. I was able to get my STG44-22 on Target at 25 yds, within about 5 Shots. Very sturdy and solid Rifle.

Here's a Web Pic of it:

If you're interested, you can call Lem at:

Stone Bender Inc.

His OTD (Out-The-Door) Price is $625, which includes State Tax and Fees.

I've been buying from Lem for over 2 years, and he has the best prices in our area!

Not trying to Advertise for him, just passing along info for someone that may be looking for one! These are hard to find right now, since they just came on the Market a few months ago.

NOTE: This is a .22 Cal version of the WW-II German STG-44 Rifle. This IS NOT-NOT-NOT an actual WW-II STG-44! I just don't want anyone looking for a WW-II Relic, thinking this is one of those. These are New .22 Cal Models, that GSG/ATI recently released.

Best of Luck!


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