Anyone know someone who wants a great parachute rig?

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by Dzscubie, May 18, 2010.

  1. Dzscubie

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    Hey guys,

    Does anyone know someone that would be interested in buying a sport parachute rig? I can’t jump anymore and I’ve decided I need to pass my rig on to someone who will use it. This rig is for an experienced skydiver and is a high performance canopy. If anyone knows anyone looking for a rig have them drop me a line at DZSCUBIE@AOL.COM and I will send pictures and all technical data.

    Main – Aerodyne Research AR-11, 180 sq foot
    Reserve – Raven II
    Container - Custom made Dolphin, 5’ 10” 200 lbs
    AAD – Expert Cypress (may be out of date, never fired)
    Collapsible Pilot chute
    Collapsible slider
    Standard rings on container
    Small rings and mini risers on main
    BOC and RL throw out pouches

    I am the original owner of the rig. I had the rig custom made for me. It is black with neon green pop top and green dolphin on reserve flap. Slider, throw out and toggles are neon green. Throw out has a hacky pull out. Blue aluminum hook knife is under right riser flap. Rig has about 300 jumps on it as I was hurt and had to stop jumping. I bought the AR-11 from Aerodyne Research at the World Freefall Convention at Quinsy in August of 2001.

    I’m looking to get $2000.00 for the rig.

    Thanks for any help you can give me, I’m going to post this on DropZone.Com also.

  2. doctherock

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    Good luck on selling the rig, sorry to hear you cant jump anymore. I know all about those pesky knee injuries.

  3. orangello

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    It's very cool of you to try to get the rig to somebody who can put it to some use, sorry you can't currently use it.
  4. Jo da Plumbr

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    Can we get a test drive:D
  5. Dzscubie

    Dzscubie New Member


    Joe, you got a license and I'll ship it out to you. Your right down the road from Paris aren’t you?