Anyone know how to find the date of birth of a Stevens shotgun?

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    On the left side of this 20 ga double barrel with double triggers, it says:
    J.Stevens Arms Company
    Chicoree Falls Mass USA

    On the right side it says 5100

    The barrel tops say:Selected Forged Steel and
    Proof Tested
    -----2 3/4 Chamber-----

    There is no serial number bu there is a Circled E next to an FL on the receiver arm in back of the pivot pin and burned into the wood fore-grip that needs to be removed to break down the shotgun.

    Its been well used, but well kept as well so most of the old bluing is gone, but it looks good and the bores are bright. I'm thinking that is was made in the early '40s, but the Circled E throws me. The problem is that I can't see where a Model 5100 ever had a Circled letter indicating a date of birth. Thanks for your help!

    Dave :confused:
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    I don't know but I would also like to find out. Do you have a picture of it? Here is a pic of mine. Not sure how well this will come out but here goes.
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    Correct me if I am wrong but you can narrow the date at a time before 1969. I believe that is the date that the government started making all firearms made in the, and imported into the US, have Serial #'s.

    Does It have external hammers or internal ones like iloveguns had a picture of above? A couple of close pics could help me narrow the field down for ya! If push comes to shove you might have to contact Savage firearms and they may still have the mod on file.
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    IIRC, the "Springfield" designation dropped off in 1948. Check company history.
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    Thanks. That's one thing I didn't know. It is a hammerless gun with two triggers much like the one in the picture. It shoots very well.

    A lot of the bluing has warn off. I wonder if it would hurt the value to re-blue it with cold blue? Which brand would you suggest? Thanks again.

    Dave :):)
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    Old Savage's gotta love them

    I disremember the caution of blueing old doubles, I think cold blue is ok, Hot blueing salts attacking the solder that hold the barrels together?
    My 5100 has a roll engraved hunter & gun dog game scene on the side and said Stevens/Fox on the other side, the Tennite Stocks are kinda cheesey at first but grow on a guy, mine was beat worse than a rented Missouri mule (finish 50% in fair condition)$119 in a old gun shop The port side barrel was litely dented and the safety dident have the detent anymore the triggerguard was replaced by a hacksaw blade held on with a couple stove bolts, I had the dent raised and the exteriour re-finished & replaced the cracked butt stock and orderd a new trigger guard bow, fixed the safety, still have it its great fun!
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    How to date a Shotgun

    I have a 12 gage just like yours. It has all the markings that yours does. It is hammerless and 2 triggers. It has a 17 on the underneath of one barrel, and a Wo with a circle E underneath the other. It also has some kind of circled image with a capital CR. I also need to know what to use to clean this gun with. I am new to this and don't plan on useing the gun. I just want to find out about it, clean it good, and put it up.
    Thank You