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Anyone know anybody who could restore a gew98 stock?

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So ive been working on putting together a butchered gew 98 suhl mauser from 1917. the barrel was shortened and the stock foreend cutoff. Ive already got a replacement barrel that looks like a shot has never been fired through it and appears to be from a Schutstruppe rifle as the rear sight has a 200 meter setting. The main thing holding me up is the stock its a late war beech stock and i dont have the skills myself to craft a new foreend. So im looking for someone els who can do that. Any help would really appreciated!

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Somebody who has a wood lathe like a furniture maker. Of you can get the picture of the fore end and give that to them with the stock you might get out of trouble that way or if your lucky enough a gun show.
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You might try searching for the forend - ive seen replacement ones for wwii rifles like k98s and arisakas
no lathe on that , what you need to do is find a donor stock , old deer slayer stock , and a draw knife is what you want to hone it down, its not round , , i just checked , i have a old Gew98 deer slayer stock i dont need , what i mean by deer slayer is a vet bring back rifle stock altered for deer hunting
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