Anyone know about the Sig P250

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by Bighead, May 10, 2009.

  1. Bighead

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    State Trooper friend was recently issued a 9mm P250 Compact as a concealed carry piece, and I liked it so I started taking a look at them.

    My question is where do you find all the different configuration pieces? They market the ability to configure these guns, but you go to the store and they have the compact model in the case and don't know anything about other parts.

    What gives?
  2. whiskeymike

    whiskeymike New Member

    I think their production is pretty tied up for now. I've had a P250 Compact in 9mm for a while and waiting for some "conversion" pieces to be available.
    In the meantime, I bought another in .45 (!).
    Presumably, the supply of everything will eventually catch up with demand and we'll be able to get spare barrels, etc. on short order.

  3. SirIsaacNewton

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    I have a question about the modularity of the SIG P250 can all of the calibers be interchanged between all of the frames. I have heard that the .45acp can't be exchanged with the P250 compact or subcompact frame. Is this why you purchased another one in .45 acp WhiskeyMike?

    Thanks for any info. I am going to break down and purchase a polymer gun. I think it would be great to purchase a gun practice mainly with the 9mm round and let the wife shoot it as well and switch to a .45acp round for concealed carry. I wanted to make sure that it was possible with the Sig 250 to achieve this or would I have to go to the full sized frame?
  4. gorknoids

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    I looked at the P250 last year, but found that I could buy 2 weapons for the price of 1.5, and could have them within a year. It's a niche thing, not worth the expense or the aggravation.
  5. countersniper

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    Sig P250

    The P250 Sig is modular due to its trigger group. You can pull the trigger group out and placed in the sup-compact, compact, and full size frame platforms. The lowers can be bought for as little as $40.00. The lowers come in 2 sizes per platform, 9mm, 40 cal, 357 Sig and the 45 ACP. The first three calibers fit in one lower and the 45 ACP is a different size lower. They have Caliber X-change kits that come with barrel, recoil spring, magazine, and slide for $369.00. They have all four calibers per platform. You can purchase these accessories online, you just got to look and since they are not a complete gun you can have them shipped directly to your house instead of a FFL dealer. I hope this helps.
  6. Dizzll

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    Hmmm I was also interested in those but I have a friend who works for an initial-bearing agency that says if you mod those things they are crap. COMPLETELY my Hersay but I'd at least google it first