Anyone know about the Ruger 357 bolt action?

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    I just learned about this 5 round magazine, bolt action Ruger 357 today, and have to admit it might've given me pause about my purchase of a Marlin lever action 357 a couple weeks ago if I'd seen it earlier. I still think I prefer the cowboy action and 9 round capacity of the Marlin. But I'm a Ruger fan, and was curious if anyone knew anything about the Ruger 77.

    Ruger 77/357 Bolt-Action 357 Magnum/38 Special Rifle
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    .357 bolt gun

    I just saw it on g & a tv yesterday ... looks like a winner for medium range fans ,they also said it was whitetail /hog suitable . imo this would only be under perfect conditions ,perfect shot placement ...yada yada . Those of us that hunt deer and hogs know that those conditions are rare with them critters, but under a feeder at 50 yrds .....i smell something cookin. Nice rifle that would be a relatively inexpensive addition to a law enforcement/animal control officer that carries a wheelgun ....if there are any left !

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    Not sure i get the bolt rifle 357mag The lever guns are quicker to shot for the use on fast moveing game and the 357 is limited on far far it will shot. At least offer it with the longer supermag/maximum chamber so fps can be increased and the longer loads can be used also. With the ability to use the 357 max brass velocity can get up into the mid 2000fps range and shoots over 225 yards are real.
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    If your gonna use a 357mag for hunting might as well get a m1 carbine and have a lighter faster gun with 30 round capacity. Not sure why 357 is good but 30 carbine isnt.

    Minimum caliber i would use in a rifle for hog is 44 magnum. The ruger 44 bolt gun is a better choice of current production rugers.

    Your better off with the marlin over the ruger 357.
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    That would get you arrested here.