Anyone in the market for a g19/g23 kydex holster

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    I am selling (2) kydex holsters that I personally made for a G19. These particular holsters are molded to a gen2 but will fit gen3 and 4 and G23s as well. I have been making kydex holsters for about 4 months now for myself and a few friends and I am about to embark on a journey to make and sell them locally. These 2 holsters are some of my earlier projects and I have since updated my design and no longer need these guys. I have one in black that has never been used and one in coyote/black that has only been used a few times to run around town. They both have EXCELLENT retention and definition. I am selling each of them for $41 shipped to you. If interested please EMAIL me at You would be hard pressed to find another hand made kydex holster at this price.

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