Anyone here in or familiar with the Dayton, OH area?

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by grampi, May 25, 2008.

  1. grampi

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    I live in Huber Heights, and while living in town has it's conveniences, the one major drawback is that I can't just walk out into my back yard and start shooting. Do any of you know if there are any places around this area where I can shoot my .22 rimfire? I'm looking for a place I can take my wife and daughter target shooting. Thanks.
  2. Catfish

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    I thought you would get a replay before this. I live up near Sidney and know that there are shooting ranges near Dayton but I have no reason to go down there to shoot so I`m not sure where they are. Hie acouple of the gun shops down there and they should be able to help you. Old English would be a good place to start or the is a gun shop South of him on Old Dixie right acrossed from the airport. I don`t know if Gander Mountain could help you or not, but I`d ask there also. It also depends on how far you want to drive, there are some clubs up in this area where you can shoot.

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    This was an old thread, so I dont know if you still are looking for anyone from Dayton. I just joined this site, and live in Dayton. The Miami Valley SHooting Grounds is a great place to shoot. Both in-door and out-door ranges. Outdoors they have clays, archery, 25/50/100 yard ranges.