Anyone heard of these guys...?

Discussion in 'Training & Safety' started by supergus, Jul 30, 2008.

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    Sorry Bro - I don't have much for you on this one. The only one I have even heard of is Kirkpatrick, and I can't say for sure why, but I suspect it's from his time with the Air Marshall Program. Drawing a blank at the moment, but the name is familar, it's not one you forget - Kirk Kirkpatrick :p

    By cost comparison, if you are wondering - My Fiancée spent about $400 for four hours of one on one pistol training at Valhalla, including ammo and snack/sodas for me for Christmas two years ago.

    Yeah - I'm pretty spoiled. :D


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    Uh JD it could be a case of mistaken identity with Kirkpatrick as there is a writer with that name .

    I recall the last name but not where and when I've seen it exactly .

    Me I'm not big on paying for these high dollar schools "even if I could afford it" after all , what schools did all of the famous gunfighters of bygone days attend ?

    When all hell breaks loose you'll find out what you're really made of in the first few seconds and no amount of training is going to change it .

    If you were the little chicken chit who ran from a fist fight in high school chances are no matter how many schools you've been to things haven't changed a bit in all those years , all you did was spend a bunch of money , have some fun and pretend you grew the balls for a fight .
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    Coates is a very common name in racing and automotive engineering. Choates Engineering has a revolutionary valve system for a piston engine. I have never heard of him as a racer, and couldn't find any records or computer entries about him on the internet. Did find a crossed out picture of a camera, associated with their websight, might be they want some privacy.
    not much help, sorry

    <striving to enter at the narrow gate>
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    You are spouting nonsense and I suspect you are doing it to upset people. Well, congratulations...
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    LMAO !!

    I got the feeling you're exactly the type of person I'm referring to .

    O and did I make you cry ? Poor poor baby .

    IF my posts Upsets anyone they're dead meat for a criminal or criminals because they will do a whole bunch more than talk mean to you .

    You should go by the name Rentacrybaby or Rentafool .
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    Which ones? Most of the gunfighters of the 20th Century have attended at least Gunsite, if not more. The Army trains gunfighters.

    If you are referring to the gunfighters of the 19th Century, most of them were former military from the Civil War. Those that weren't old enough, learned under an apprenticeship-style teaching from an older and wiser gunfighter...

    I understand what you are saying, but have to disagree. Being mean and willing to fight is all well and good; but if you can't hit the broadside of a barn, you're dead. Being willing to fight is great, but if you have no practice getting your pistol out of the holster, you're dead.

    Training from instructors who know what they are doing is important. It allows an objective third party to evaluate what you are doing, and how to make it better. It also begins to induce the stress that you will have when your body decides it's clobberin' time...
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    Nope, don't know them. But, if they are worth their weight in salt, you should go home with a good training session under your belt.