Anyone have an Italian Carcano in 7.35x51?

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    I found one for $85 on Williams Gun Sight web sight. They have loads of guns, some very expensive and some cheap. I bought a Traditions muzzle loader last year cheap that was the old percussion cap style not a modern break-open style. This Carcano sounds interesting like the old Mosin-Nagant. Any info would be appreciated.

    Dave :)
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    Never had the 8mm mauser one

    The Italians never did the mod, some say the Germans did, others say post WWII arms dealers had surpluse 8mm barrels did the mod to sell in the middle east.
    Even though they say its a Mannlicher Carcano, it's a mauser type bolt with control'd round feed, it still needs the Mannlicher en-block clips to feed from the mag
    I would recomend useing a mild mannerd 8mm round (velocity like a 7.65 Argentine or a 303 brit)
    I had a old 6.5 with a very bad barrel and had it converted to 7.62x39mm
    (AK47 round) useing a old p-14 303 enfield barrel.
    the next barrel is the MKIII as thers enuf barrel shank to set it back on a carcano (303 brit and the 7.62x39 have the same case taper and easily converted, just ream in some to remove excessive freebore and its as good a shooter as any bolt gun in that caliber.

    Source of new Carcano M91 clips

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    Well, in 1938, they switched from 6.5 to 7.35 Carcano- started running into supply problems, tried 8mm Mauser (not a good idea). The 7.35 Carcano is totally different cartridge from the 7.92 (8mm) Mauser.

    Articles for you- Collecting and Shooting the Italian Mannlicher-Carcano 91/38 Rifle - HISTORY

    In the 50s and 60s you could not give the ammo away- fairly scarce now. Please note that the Mannlicher magazine system uses a metal clip that is loaded into the mag- drops out bottom after last shot. Without the clips, you cannot load magazine, and have a single shot rifle.
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    My bad 7.35 instead of 7.92

    The 7.35 is a accurate round , once had a co-worker with a 7.35 carbine with fixed sights the little gun was spot on at 120 yards useing some 1940's era ammo, was a little mild recoiling deathray as he called it.

    The 7.35 uses its own propritary bore size, the actual slug measures a true .300 our .308/.300 savage and 30-06 uses a .308 diameter slug, Norma and Hornaday both load for this 7.35 Carcano least Hornaday did 3 years ago.