Anyone have a Swarovski Scope?

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    I have always been satisfied with what I call mid-range scopes Leupold,Nikon,Burris,etc. and they have always served me well in whatever I was shooting at.
    I made a big mistake a couple weeks ago when I looked through several high end scopes at a gun dealers table at a gunshow.
    Once you look through a IOR Valdada,Schmidt & Bender,Swarovski Pro Hunter,or a Zeiss Diavari scope you realize that what you currently use is sub-standard.
    So for the last couple weeks,I've been trying to figure out how I could afford one of these OUT OF MY PRICE RANGE scopes. I didn't think there would be many used scopes around,and still thought they'd be too high,but after loosing the first three auctions on Ebay,I finally won a Swarovski Pro Hunter 4x16x50. I think I got a decent deal $900 for a $1600 scope
    I don't know whether to be happy or kick myself in the butt,but I'm sure when I get it and put it on my Savage 110FLP 300WM,you won't be able to slap the smile off my face!!!

    Anyone else have one of these high end scopes? How do you like it compared to others?

    Do yourself a favor guy's-Unless your prepared to buy one of these scopes Stay Away From Them,you will regret looking through them-or atleast your bank account will. LOL
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    Quoted for the muther effing truth.......