Anyone from Wisconsin?

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    Hello folks,

    I live in Northern part of IL and I know how horrible IL is when it comes to guns, and I want to know where can I shoot in WI.

    I tried Wisconsin Sportsman Club and great bunch of guys and I will most likely be a member, however I want to know if there are any fields away from city limits and away from public where I can go, set my own targets and have some fun.

    I have yet to draw from a holster or rapid fire my gun. I want to be able to practice these things.

    Thank you.
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    I live in Illinois, too. I have never been to this place but the police officers in my town shoot here. You might want to check it out. I know they have an outdoor range.

    Sycamore Sportsman Club It's open to the public every Sat. and Sun. for $8 from 0900 to 1200.

    I have shot at Pine Tree Pistol Club, but only indoors. I'm not sure but I do believe they have an outdoor range if you become a member.

    Also Pine Tree Pistol Club in Rockford.

    You might also try The Shooters Sports Center in Racine. They have an indoor range. Call and ask them what they allow on the range. This is a very nice place to go shooting in my experience.
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