Anyone from connecticut or new york will help

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    Hey guys.

    Taking a flight from florida to connecticut and then driving up to new york for a weekend. I'm hoping someone from that area might be able to give me some advice on legalities for transporting prob eithere an AR or AK and a handgun. anyone know of any permits you have to have to check a weapon in your checked baggage leaving from CT. ultimatly ill call the airports to find out but im curious if anyone knows off hand
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    I would google up the laws for any state that you will be traveling in or through.
    I work at an air port in NJ, a guy who lives in FL and goes to scholl in Maine, had his AK in Maine, he drove to NJ with friends on his way home, tried to book a flight from NJ to Florida. Well he found out the hard way that AK's are illegal to posess in NJ. He declared it , locked case, all the good stuff, but the TSA saw it, called the Troopers and the guy got locked up! Don't know the outcome of the court date, but it goes to show that you NEED to know the laws. Do the research yourself, never take any kind of legal advice from folks on the interwebz.(not implying that anyone on this forum would intentionaly steer you wrong). Good luck.

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    New York State has no reciprocity with any other states in regard to handgun permits. If you get caught in NYS with a handgun and no permit, expect to be slapped with a felony charge.

    As for the rifles, New York State still has a version of the Federal AWB on the books. No semi-auto rifle or shotgun made after 9/94 may have a collapsible or folding stock (must be fixed), may not have a flash hider, may not have a removable muzzle break (it must be pinned and silver-soldered in place), and must have bayonet lugs ground off. Mags over 10 rounds with a datestamp after September 1994 are illegal. Rifles made before that date may have those things.

    If you're traveling to another state where those firearms are legal and you have a layover in New York, it might be possible to travel with them. You should contact the airline you would be using and discuss it with them, and it would also be wise to get everything in writing (along with the name and title of the individual you speak with) just in case.