Anyone familiar with this scope?

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    No doubt it is a good little scope being a Bushnell scope. I prefer Leupold or Nikon but have shot a lot of Bushnells and for the money this is a good scope. The price is about the norm on the market since Midway has them listed for about the same price. So I would say if you are looking for a good scope in that price range you can not go wrong with the Bushnell for a good close range AR Scope!


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    I have a Primary Arms 1-4, I just wondered if I should jump on this because of the price that included the mount. If it's priced that way normally I may just wait.

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    I dont know about the pricing but I have the Bushnell Trophy XLT 1-4x24 with a #4 reticle and a 1 moa red dot. The 1-4 works out well but the BDC seems a little too complicated for a carbine. Sight in at 75 yards and you will be MOM out to 300 yards.
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    I don't have that Mount, but I do have that particular Scope. Both combined for that price is a really good buy.

    The Glass is crystal clear edge to edge. The magnification ring is a little stiff, but find the power you want, it won't move by itself under any recoils. The Adjustment Turrets have good "positive" clicks. I haven't used the drop marks yet, so don't know how well they work, but they're set up with using 223/5.56-55gr bullets that are commonly found on shelves. I don't remember if the Turret Knobs are resettable, it's been a while since I had the Rifle out that has this Scope on it.

    EDIT: OK, looking at a close up of the Scope, it does appear by removing the set screw on the Turret and lifting up the Turret, you can reset back to Zero.
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