Anyone familiar with the Remington 788?

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    I have a Remington 788 in .243 that I bought in the early 80s. It is one of the models with a 18 1/2" barrel. It is in great shape because I haven't shot it much over the years and have maintained and stored it well. It is a very simple rifle but very accurate. I have had a few people try hard to persuade me to sell it to them, offering more than the price of some current rifles. One even offered to trade me an M-1 Garand for it, although I doubt it is in good shape. I am curious. Is the Remington 788 somewhat of a collecible or shooter favorite? I don't plan to sell it but would like to get more info on it.
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    the 788

    A inexpensive rifle Remington came out with to compete in the low end rifle markit see the Wikipedia attachment below.
    Remington 788 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    I used to shoot a 22-250, had a co-worker with a 30-30 win model, another co-worker 25 years later had the 6mm Rem, they wer'nt as wide spread as the model 700, they wernt even that

    I bought a .223 Remington model 78 Sportsman off a guy that was moving
    The model 78 was the next economy model to follow the 788, its a no-frills 3 shot ADL model 700, metal finish isnt as good, comes with birch stock.

    it would bolt right in my 700 BDL, 17rem stock

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