Anyone Else Receiving Scam Calls

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by alsaqr, Nov 19, 2020.

  1. gambler

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    So, I'm guessing you don't expect to hear back from them on it do you ?

    I get calls from Spectrum and can't even find a number to call to talk to someone about it. It's almost impossible to talk to anyone live except for some 19 year old girl that only knows how to take your order for service. If you ask them anything else you get kind of a "duh" "doink" "I really don't know anything about that"

    But I've reported them to the federal do not call "scam" and they don't do anything either.
  2. alsaqr

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    It took me 20 minutes to find a real live human fully conversant in English.

  3. partdeux

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    upwards of 10 or more a day, on both my personal and work cell phone numbers. Bad part, especially on the work phone, I ignore legitimate calls.

    Sometimes I answer the calls and play with the caller until they hang up on me.
  4. DHall_37

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    I just got a spam call while I was playing guitar :) I pressed 1 or what ever to speak to a representative. When they picked up I decided I’d crank the amp up a notch and play some power cords!
  5. Sniper03

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    Not so many Scam calls. But a H**l of a lot of Spoofing falls from telemarketers.
    For those who are not clear on Spoofing Calls. It is when they call you, using someone else phone number. And if you call the number back the real person who owns the number answers. And they did not call you and know nothing about the call! This has happened to us and our neighbor where once our own numbers came up on the caller ID with a Spoofer using it.:rolleyes:

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    Every now and again I get my mobile ringing for say 2-3 rings and then it stops. The cunning mongrels want you to ring back for whatever reason which I don't do and if I go into my missed calls thing a lot of the calls show up coming from overseas so I promptly ban that number.
    The other 1 is when the mobile rings and it comes up as a private number....................that doesn't get answered either.
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  7. partdeux

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    Co-worker had her husband calling her, while they were right next to each other.

    I'd say spoofing should not be permitted, but then my own corporate employer, all their land lines are spoofed to the main inbound line phone number. Maybe spoofed numbers have to be registered? Otherwise, the actual calling number is forwarded.
  8. microadventure

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    what I get:

    we want you to review our video system and write a review on Amazon. just buy it from amazon and review it. if we like your review we will reimburse you for the system. if you don't like the system just send it back to Amazon for a refund.

    OK, in reality I look like very old Jon Luc Picard on a bad hair day. But I picture myself putting on R. Lee Ermeys war face and explaining the notion of ethics to these pig diddlers.

    the system in question has those cameras with LED illuminators and a glass plate over the lens. precisely what I would never use. I would not give it away if it was given to me.
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    Answer Loudly... "JOE'S POOL HALL"
    when the voice on the other end says "is this a place of business"
    you yell back, DIS is JOE'S POOL HALL, do you want a table or don't you?