Anyone else got an 'AR-47' lower?

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    Anyone else have an 'AR-47' lower?

    I have an AR lower that is called an 'AR-47'.
    It adapts a 7.62x39mm AR top end to a lower receiver that accepts unmodified AK-47 mags.
    (Special Weapons Inc, Mesa, AZ.)

    I use drums with mine, makes a good little sort range, .30 cal. lead waster!
    Closest thing to a reasonable priced .30 cal squad SEMI-automatic weapon you can get!
    Mine is just a joy to shoot, and reasonably accurate too!
    Kicks a$$ on every AK clone around here right out of the box...

    The problem I had with mine was gas back to the bolt.
    I had a full 20" barrel, but had to (lathe) turn the barrel and move the gas block back to a carbine position to get enough gas pulse to the bolt...
    It still uses factory type gas blocks and tubes, but having to move things was a pain!

    Anyone have a version that used a full 20" barrel, and got the forward gas block/system to work?
    What did you have to do to get it to work?
    Does anyone in the civilian market make an extra large diameter gas tube?
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