Anyone carry a Butterfly/Balisong knife in their person?

Discussion in 'Other Weapons' started by HunterMarksman338, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. HunterMarksman338

    HunterMarksman338 New Member

    One subject that hasn't been discussed as of yet here is butterfly knives. Now I've been the youtube videos of people flipping them around in their hands and it looks really cool.

    I know butterfly knives are illegal in many states, but for those states where they are legal.... who carries?
  2. ranger_sxt

    ranger_sxt New Member

    I used to.

    I've changed over to a fixed-blade.

  3. dunerunner

    dunerunner New Member

    I much prefer my lock back. Quicker to open, won't collapse when you cut and you probably won't drop it trying to open it.
  4. Kill-Zone

    Kill-Zone Guest

    Nope but i do carry a T-HANDLE just like the one used by Tom Berenger in the movie Platoon where he slices Charlie Sheen's face....made by Coldsteel..and is razer sharp...
  5. HunterMarksman338

    HunterMarksman338 New Member

    Are you talking about Cold Steel's Triple action folder? Which knife are you talking about specifically? I'm all curious now. :p
  6. I dont carry or own a butterfly knife, but I carry a winchester blade. not sure the exact length, but it has to be around 4" blade with a nice sheath.

  7. Kill-Zone

    Kill-Zone Guest

    No its not a folder... straightblade with a ''T'' handle so if you was to make a fist it would fit right between the middle and ring finger you only see the blade.... shaped just like the letter T go to look for safe keeper you''ll see it....
  8. Franciscomv

    Franciscomv New Member

    I've got a few, mostly customs with a few Benchmades and a couple of Spydercos thrown into the mix. I like them and learned a few tricks, it's a very effective locking system.

    However, I only use mine for utility tasks. Flipping them around is fun, but I wouldn't want to have to deploy one in an emergency when all my fine motor skills go flying out the window.
  9. Benning Boy

    Benning Boy New Member

    Had a great custom, solid lockup, nasty sharp. Lost it, and since then, the only ones I've seen that aren't ridiculous in price are flea market garbage. Not a large market for mid priced butterflies.

    All in all, not the most practical knife in the world, but fun.:cool:
  10. sgtdeath66

    sgtdeath66 New Member

    i had one in black and gray urban camo but left it at work one day and never seen it since. i still miss playing with it. i couldnt do any really cool tricks other than open and close it but it was still fun
  11. c3shooter

    c3shooter Administrator Staff Member Admin Moderator Lifetime Supporter

    Note of caution on butterfly knives- don't carry one in Nevada. Felony. :eek:
  12. Dillinger

    Dillinger New Member

    They are a felony here as well, Wa., if the cop wants to be a Richard about it.

    My spring activated Presidio is also a chargable offense, but it's not a felony.... assuming of course the cop being alert enough to notice that it is spring assist.....

  13. junho806

    junho806 New Member

    i used to carry a butterfly knife
    opening them and doing those tricks are cool and all...
    but in a high stress situation when my life is on the line where i don't have a half second to waste to swinging my butterfly knife open...
    i'd rather go with a K bar or something

    but besides that its a fun recreational knife that you can get really good at opening and doing tricks with
    lots of tutorials on the tube
  14. HunterMarksman338

    HunterMarksman338 New Member

    LOL! Yeah I should have said ON your person. My mistake.... you guys do have a good point about trying to deploy that specific knife under high stress conditions. I've seen guys on YouTube who have deployed those knives really quick... faster than fliping a folder open. I guess you just need to be trained with it is all.

    I'm just wonderin' if you guys consider it a decent all around utility type of knife as well as good for self-defense. I do plan on moving in the future to a place where there is hardly any if not any stupid weapon laws. I know two guy here and they carry the Benchmade 42 balisongs. They haven't got to any trouble with the police...yet. They encountered police officers before and they didn't bug them about it. They wore it openly on their belt sheathed in and you can obviously tell that they are balisongs. They are nice guys, clean records, well mannered, well dressed, etc... maybe thats why they let them fly. Here in California..balisongs are a no no so they must have been really nice cops.
  15. Biohazurd

    Biohazurd New Member

    I carry a cheapo one often, I figure i probably wont ever need it for self defence since i CC firearms, I like them because the blade play is almost non existant on most balisongs... Good for everyday cutting purposes, Plus i really like flipping them around.
  16. robocop10mm

    robocop10mm Lifetime Supporting Member Lifetime Supporter

    Interesting that prior to 1974 switchblades were legal in Texas if you only had one hand/arm. No provisions in those days to open a folding knife with one hand.

    I think the prevailing wisdom (if that is not an oxymoron) is smaller knives (fixed blade or folding) are tools. Longer blades or switchblades are weapons.

    You think it would be OK to carry around brass knuckles? Hmmmm.

    Mauls and axes are not very concealable and ARE illegal if used in an illegal manner. Base ball bats are considered clubs and as such are illegal in Texas IF they are used in an illegal manner.
  17. Mark F

    Mark F Active Member Supporter

    And the list gets longer and longer...