Anybody with a 16" barrel?

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by Tbag0802, Dec 3, 2009.

  1. Tbag0802

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    I'm curious if anybody out there has shot or has an AR with the short bull barrel. If so, what kind of accuracy have you seen? Pics of groups would be great. Also, tell me make and model of said rifle. If you reload, what kind of bullets, powders does it seem to favor? Maybe I should have asked sooner, but I recently got my hands on a DPMS sweet 16. I'm just kinda wondering what kinda groups to expect at 100yds and maybe how far to consistenty hit Prairie Dogs. I know the shooter has alot to do with it but I am a decent shot.
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    What twist is that barrel? 1:9 or 1:8? I have a DPMS 20" bull barrel, in a 1:9. I haven't shot reloads through the barrel, just factory loads. It really likes the heavier grns, from 68 to 75grn., usually shoot Blackhills red box through it, when I can find it. But at the prices lately, I may start reloading for it. Accuracy wise, with mine, I broke the barrel in, have it mounted on a bipod, free float forearm, 4-16x50 scope, and a 2-stage Rock River trigger that was re-worked by Bill Springfield. If I do my part, control the breathing, sight in, and squeeze off the round, I can keep under 1 moa @ 100 yards easily. Out to 300 yards, I can still keep it around moa +/- .25. The farthest I have shot that particular setup is out to 500 yds on a range. Even with a 13mph cross wind, on a 73 degree day, sun at my back, my best grouping measured 6.125". Not too bad for an upper I only paid $489 for on sale. ;) I would guess the 16" could come close to that. But with the shorter barrel, you won't get as much velocity out of it, which could open up your groups a bit. Best bet, find a good range of ammo, from varmint rounds up to the heavier rounds and shoot for groups. that will help to give you a base to start building around for your reloads.

    Hope that helps a little bit. There are a few on here that I believe have that same setup, so I'm sure they'll chime in soon. Good luck and good shooting.


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    I picked up a sweet sixteen about 3 weeks ago and have only shot it 3 times, just b/c I couldn't really wait to fire it. I'm headed this sunday to my cousin's house to put my quad rail and collapsable stock on. Afterwards we are headed to his rifle range to site in my flip up sights, and then to put quite a few shots down range. I intend to do quite a bit of shooting so I'll let you know how it goes sunday evening with a full range report. My cousin specializes in M14's and does a bit of competition shooting with his. He gave me quite a bit of advice when I was shopping for my AR and he assures me they are excellent rifles. Hopefully I'll also be posting another range report this sunday if my other new toy gets here...
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    I have a RRA w/20" bull barrel and another I assembled with a Model 1 Sales 16" heavy(not bull)barrel. They shoot about the same out to around 300 +/- yrds using the same ammo. Both shoot sub-moa at 100yrds,and they are 1-8 twist barrels. I reload mainly 75gr Amax,69gr BTHP Match,62gr HP,55gr Vmax &55gr SP bullets with several different types of powder.

    Don't worry,DPMS builds great guns,and the 16" barrel will do you just fine for just about any range you want to shoot with a 223/5.56 rd.
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    Funny I just posted this in another thread...
    I own a few ARs. The top one is my DPMS 16" Heavy Barrel
    This typical group was shot at 100 yards with LE 69gr Gold Dots.
    You can say I'm happy with DPMS...

    BTW that Gold Dot amo is NOT match grade, as a matter of fact it's not even particularly accurate in other .223s.
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    Thanks for the info fellas. My barrel is a 1-9" twist. I'm fixing to order some heavier bullets from I'll post some pics of groupings asap. It's insane how quickly and how hard the gun bug bit me...if I can just get the wife to understand.