Anybody run their Glock stock only?

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by DodgerBlue, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. DodgerBlue

    DodgerBlue New Member

    Running a G32 and a G36 stock and loving it.

    I see alot of people putting in 3lbs triggers, mag extenders, slide lock release extenders, SS guide rods, stainless steel springs, ect.

    Has anybody found that adding a SS guide rod and springs actually helps out or is it mental? This is the one thing I could see doing and was wondering if it's even necessary.

    The other stuff I see as fluff but could be handy I guess.
  2. Dillinger

    Dillinger New Member

    About 80% of the Glock owners out there run a stock weapon.

    They are the "casual owner" just like those for, say, buy a Mustang/Camaro for the power and flash.

    Then you have the people that "rely" on the weapon, the forward progressives, the fanboys and the competition shooters.

    They make the mods that you are talking about because they MAKE SENSE. They address a secified change to budget constraints imposed on the production piece by bean counters that didn't care about your safety, only the bottom line.

    "Plastic" guide rod (sorry, polymer :eek:)?! That makes NO SENSE to me as a gun owner.

    Why would I want that? :confused:

    What possible purpose could that serve ME as the end user of the product?

    Things like an extended mag release or an extended slide release button have been "upgrades" by the 1911 platform for dozens of years.

    Yes, sorry folks, but innovation follows tradition. :rolleyes:

    If I were to buy a Glock, and wanted to carry it because it was light and 99% reliable? The first two things I would change would be the guide rod and the trigger.

    And I am barely an apprentice in the world of gunsmithing. ;)


  3. Davo45

    Davo45 New Member

    I run big dot 24/7 night sights on my Glocks as well as extended slide stops. I've never had an issue with the standard guide rod system in any Glock pistol I've ever owned or been issued for a total of 10 to date. Note: If it had ever been a problem I'd have long since replaced the factory recoil spring systems with one that uses a SS rod, but as the old saying goes, if it isn't broke don't fix it. I also run an extended magazine release on my duty piece, a G-22. Lastly, I've stippled the grips on my 2 Gen 3 pistols (a G-23 and 22).

    I recently purchased a Gen 4 G-19 with the RTF for my wife and possible secondary off duty carry gun. I must say I like the wider magazine release button on it and really like the RTF grip. I won't even have to stipple it to get a decent grip. That has been my biggest gripe with the Glock, the slick grips.
  4. AOK

    AOK New Member

    All internals are stock. No need for changing IMHO.

    Externally I have serrations across the top of the slide (for one handed manipulations), stippled grip, and Trijicon HD NS.
  5. Quentin

    Quentin New Member

    DodgerBlue, I hope there are lots of replies by Glock owners as this is interesting to me too. I'm new to Glocks, buying two in the last month, and they're both stock of course. Well the G22 did come with night sights which I like a lot. I figure I need to put a lot more rounds down the pipe before making any changes. In general I've made very few changes to any of my pistols so I know where you're coming from in regard to your Glocks.

    I can't speak intelligently about the plastic guide rod or changing springs or extractors but will say if the gun is reliable I probably wouldn't change those things, at least at first. Now if Glock cheaped out on something like the guide rod, then the SS rod would be cheap insurance. The triggers aren't anything like a 1911 but I'll live with them for a while before considering any changes. Right now I'm concentrating on testing various ammo and finding a holster I really like. And of course picked up a couple more magazines.

    There are a couple things I can speak about in a general manner as they apply to guns I do have experience with:

    I hear a lot of recommendations for the Vickers slide stop but am almost certain I won't do that upgrade because I've never been in the habit of dropping the slide with the slide stop on any pistol, just seems normal to rack the slide and let go, especially when you have many different brands of pistols. For people that do use the slide stop as a release too, then it makes sense. No doubt my old way is a skosh slower but it's hard to change 40 years of habit.

    One thing I expect to do is polish the feed ramp on my new G23Gen4 as it's pretty rough compared to the very slick feed ramp on my LE trade in G22 which looks like it would feed anything including empty brass. I've done this on many of my pistols and it's always helped.
  6. StanDJ77

    StanDJ77 New Member

    Everything is stock except the SS guide spring rod. I heard about the reduced recoil before i ever shot the thing so, i got one and never even shot it with the stock rod. Everything else is stock; i didnt see the reason to change anything else.
  7. General_lee

    General_lee New Member

    My Glocks are bone stock, no plans on modifying them either.
  8. goretro77

    goretro77 New Member

    I have two Gen 3 Glock 17s and one Glock 21. The only changes I make are the 3.5 pound trigger connectors, extended slide and magazine release. performs great with enhanced contrrols.

    I do not change out the recoil spring or guide.

    Check this out:

  9. levelcross

    levelcross New Member

    Both my G26 and G22 are stock, the 26 has night sights and the 22 the stock white sights. Never had any problem shooting either one so I haven't felt the need to modify them as of now. Not too keen on the extended mag release or slide lock due to I carry these for personal defense and not for competition shooting. The only guns that I have modified more than a polish job is my SP 101 .357, it received new grips and I had the barrel compensated and a nice trigger job done at the same time, this took some of the bite out of this beast, and my M&P9C I added a laser grip to. My FIL is retired LE and does a polish job to all of his carry guns, I think more out of habit than need.
  10. Twoglocks

    Twoglocks New Member

    I got Glock 32 used and someone did something to the trigger that it's actualy like 1911 trigger. After I've got G19 4gen I had to change the connector to 3.5 lbs and haevier trigger spring. I still can't get the trigger as on G32. It is smooth and has no stacking at all, brakes crisp; like 1911
  11. Shihan

    Shihan Well-Known Member Lifetime Supporter

  12. Thadeuce

    Thadeuce New Member

    You need to get more than a lighter connector. Ghost makes some trigger connectors that will shorten your reset and pretty much eliminate overtravel, but I'm not sure if they eliminate the take up.
  13. ET1

    ET1 New Member

    I run my G 21sf & G 27 stock. Well I do have conversion barrels for the 27 (9mm & 357sig), but don't hold that against me.
  14. Seven

    Seven New Member

    My Glocks are stock unless you count Pearce magazine extensions on the G26.
    Or Jolly Roger base plates on the other mags.

  15. big shrek

    big shrek Well-Known Member

    Mine's stock...but it came with night sights...

    The only things I'm thinking of doing are adding a laser, some custom mag ends, and a custom buttplate.

    Maybe a few more mags...I've only got 5...might need more in case of zombies ;)
  16. Seven

    Seven New Member

    pirates > zombies ;)

  17. M14sRock

    M14sRock Active Member

    The OEM parts will last too many thousands of rounds to count.

    My Glocks have a lot of work done to them, but the factory parts are GTG, though I do use Heinie Sights.
  18. Yunus

    Yunus Active Member

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it. That's my mentality. I pull the trigger it goes bang, what more can I want from it?
  19. BrassMonkey

    BrassMonkey New Member Supporter

    Trijicon night sights, 3.5 lb connectors and the $0.25 trigger job go in all of my Glocks. Stock is fine and will get the job done but IMO Glock perfection does not exist out of the box. To each their own.
  20. Mandy

    Mandy New Member

    G23 Gen 3

    Have installed right now and like them:
    Scherer 3.5# connector
    OEM Extended Slide Release
    Pachmayr Grip
    Federal SS BBL & Federal SS Compensated BBL (interchange)
    Ti Plunger
    OEM Marine Spring Cups
    Clip Draw
    All feed ramps have been hand polished with 1000 wet grit

    Had Installed and don't like them:
    Ti striker
    extended mag release

    Had installed a LaserMax 1st gen and like it, will install again a LaserMax new gen (captive spring)