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    I live in the Bflo. NY area but have been working in the Utica, Rome area the last month or so. I noticed when talking to the locals there they seemed so much more accepting of the Cuomo, Obama policies than folks in my area. Maybe its just the folks I've met but, they seemed so complacent and satisfied with the "cookies and candy" the government is handing out... I even had someone tell me how wonderful it is that Cuomo is so concerned about gun crimes that he took action to "protec all us ignorans that dunt unnerstan him doin us guud". "He takin care a us".

    I worry the state is winning and the outrage is dissipating. There was nothing I caught on Utica radio or television that would indicate any public unrest. At least not as I said on local media. I also understand where I was working there is not alot of time to read and listen. But if there is an outlet or public forum I would sure love to hear about it, where I could point some folks to so they could be informed and educated. There will always be people that will be happy to trade their own and our liberty for perceived safety and benefits. Those that don't understand perception is not necessarily reality. The outrage needs to be growing especially amidst the recent national news. And anyone who believes our government is moving to do anything other than control and minimalize those that dissent is delusional.
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    You left out "pas da Cool Adt."

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    You will know the answer at next election time.
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    MH, I think that is more a city thing than a CNY thing. Im half an hour from both utica and rome and were not happy with BHO or Andy round here! Both should be banished and were going to do our best to make sure that happens!
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    Sorry -- Cuomo is Emperor of NY for life until he becomes President. He should be in prison for his prior Federal career, but no... Welcome to Wonderland.
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    It's a disease I tell you,some of us are Wolves,but on the other hand many are NY Sheep,I guess the old timers as I am are dead or dying,I think I hit nail head with that?

    Cuomo being our Sheppard!

    Well that didn't pan out right,what I really meant to state was years back we had many more hunters and shooters,then today's times.I remember most small Towns and Villages having one or two Gun Shops in it.Opening day was spent on that Buck you were tracking all year,day after opening day was spent on organizing Deer Drives,15-20 guys driving 4 shooters.

    I know longer see that,and many of the younger guys aren't into hunting or shooting,I miss them days with my partners,but they got old and bout useless and so did I!!
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    I have spoke to many women who are somewhat brainwashed by what they have seen on the TV. They must have seen something about assault rifles on the news because they all made a point on grenade launchers, automatic fire.....People who do not know firearms accept the Cuomo defined parameters. People do not know that an automatic rifle can not be purchased with a grenade launcher at your local gun shop.
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    This is something I've seen that is country wide. You say anything about an AR type rifle and you will hear why do you need an automatic assault rifle?!?!?!?!!?
    I had a now used to be FaceBook friend that when cruising through my photobucket pics seen I owned an AK, AR, SKS and I got a 30 minute cussing because of these military weapons of war that I was hiding. The odd thing is many times there is no consoling these types. I would make the attempt to say no, these are semi automatic look alike of what the military uses. They are not the same. I have since gave up and when I get crap about it I just tell them to shut up. I got one mad by saying I left one of my "assault rifles" out on my front porch all day and it didn't kill anyone and I was pissed! :mad: I even went as far as to point it at little animals when I left it sit to help it in it's unquenchable blood-lust.:eek: I sat there ALL DAY!!!!! No death, no mayhem, nothing. I was then educated that I had to pick the gun up and I said I couldn't because after 10 minutes I get this overpowering drive to kill old peopel and kick their dogs.;)

    There is no arguing with the kool aid crowd. No reason or fact can deter them form their main stream media education. Somehow today just like any other day in the almost 30 years I've been collecting guns I managed to not go on a killing spree. But it's just a matter of time before the guns take over. I know because that is what people like my dumbass hippy sisters tell me.:rolleyes:
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    In our society people no longer make judgements. Example is the difference of a home owner who goes to the range and enjoys shooting targets on the weekend. Then there is the ******* who sells drugs and illegally carries a gun. Society judges both people as gun owners. It is politically incorrect to make a distinction. it goes across racial and socioeconomic lines. Political correctness is gonna ruin the Nation.
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    Being PC already has. When I was a kid, it used to be totally acceptable for 5 or 6 juniors or seniors to walk down the street together, and go into the woods to hunt. This was right through the middle of town, not just out in the sticks. Nowadays, if a 17 year old walks into the woods his parents own with a gun, the police are called, and CPS shows up hot on their heels. We as a society are alreadt ruined thanks to political correctness.