Anybody in Houston, TX?

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by girlwithguns, Apr 5, 2009.

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    I was just wondering if anyone lives in Houston, TX because I'm considering applying for some teaching positions there. I just got laid off for the 2009/2010 school year. I'm in Tucson right now. My husband and I have been considering moving out of Tucson for quite some time now. I've been in Houston, but only briefly.

    Things that are appealing in no particular order: bodies of water (something I really miss), culture, lower cost of living (compared to Tucson and many other places), decent salaries (definitely higher than Tucson), stuff to do, parks and outdoor recreation, weather, variety of restaurants, fairly close to a beach.

    We have no kids, just dogs. I would not move without a job, of course. My husband is from Brazil and there seems to be a decent Brazilian community there, at least from searching on the web. I'm from NJ, where we met. I don't mind humidity, I don't mind being in a large city - in fact I really miss NYC and Philly. I know that the crime rate is high, but Tucson is much smaller and has just as high of a crime rate. I'm trying to do a lot of research and I would go visit again before making a decision.

    It is always nice to hear some opinions from others who already live there - good and bad. Does is smell like oil like some parts of Texas? I don't recall smelling oil, but I definitely remember some other parts of TX smelling pretty bad. How is the air pollution nowadays?

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    ive never been to houston but i just learned in my property class in law school that houston is the biggest city in america that doesn't have zoning laws. if you dont like the idea of a strip club, factory, or gas station opening up 2 doors down from your house, make sure you do your homework of the area you are living in. you might want to try living in a nearby town or suburb

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    Thanks. I would live in a more suburban area that is already developed. I wouldn't live downtown or in a business section of the city.

    I have a house to sell, so I would most likely buy in a nice neighborhood (if there is such a thing anymore).
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    I lived in houston for a good portion of my life. It's a nice place if you find a good house. There is always something to do plenty of nearby parks for the dogs and kids and the schools are actually quite decent, having gone to one for a few years myself.
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    I live 30 miles SW of Houston. I love it here, and would recomend that if you are moving to this area, go either NW or SW of the city proper. It is much nicer to get away a little, but still be close enough to the big city to enjoy all it has to offer. It is nice out here, come and visit, and you might just want to stay.
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    I lived in Houston untill 1967, some people one block over was busted for growing weed. We moved. I have lots of family that still live there, they all have burgler bars on thier houses. Some have moved out to the Katy area and are quite happy, they just have a long commute to work.
    The suburbs are reasonably safe, there is a lot going on at any given time. Galveston is only 50 or so miles away. Tons of stores and shopping to do.
    I-10 will take you east to the casinos in Louisiana, Hwy 290 west will take you to Austin and even more stuff to do. Loads of parks.
    I live northwest of Houston now, about 80 miles away, I still go down once in a while to remind me why I left. LOL It's really not all that bad.
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    Try Seabrook Tx. around the Clear Lake area and immediate surrounding areas. Just out of Huston city limits and not a bad commute if your job is not too far into the Huston area from there. Seabrook offers somewhat higher ground in this area than others and you'll be relatively close to Hobby airport and Armand Bayou. Galveston is not too far from here, but the recent hurricane has pretty much wiped out this area. The urban sprawl is not as bad as Huston here. Humidity is high most everywhere in if your not used to high humidity make sure you get a place with good AC. I dont know what the property taxes are in Az. but they are around 3% in Tx. Something to consider and keep in mind when buying in Tx.
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    My folks lived in Pearland, near Friendswood for a few years in the early 90's. Was a nice area with newer developments (at that time) nice houses. :)

    Higher ground is a good idea in that area, though. Sitting at or near sealevel is a gamble at best, imo.
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    Houston's pretty big but there is a lot of fun things to do here and many places to go that are just a hop-skip-an-a-jump away. The pollution is kinda bad I'm not going to lie. Patchy weather that kinda changes every 2-4 days, nice some days gloomy the next. The traffic can be pretty bad sometimes but in what big city is traffic not bad? The only thing that bums me out about the actual city is that there is no underground public transportation because of all the oil and gas lines.

    If you are closer to the industrial areas and docks it can smell pretty "different." But I would suggest moving to somewhere about 10-20mi. outside the Beltway 8/Sam Houston Tollway loop. North you have spring and woodlands. West you got katy. and south you got pearland and sugarland. East you got pasadena and such. In the city is some nice areas as well like the heights.. if you have the $$$, river oaks is nice. A lot of places near Rice University are pretty nice - around kirby and I59.

    Houston's a big city with a lot to offer, you just gotta look cuz it's big... One thing that sucks about houston, though, is the original live music scene: it's either melt your face metal or covers (covers are everywhere because metal loses a lot of customers)
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    Houston area

    I've lived in Houston over 40 years ... love it ... and would find it hard to live elsewhere. Plenty of area suburbs with different school districts to live in ... with lots of affordable housing. (and so far, Houston has not been hit with falling values)

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