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Anybody have an SAR K2/45?

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Went into a gun store not intending to buy anything but a box of ammo and came out with a new .45. It is an SAR K2/45. Have put about 300 rounds through it without a hitch. It feels great in my hand which is what impressed me off the bat, has a really good trigger pull, adjustable rear sight, and holds 14 + 1. Out of the box I was in the zone with every shot without any adjustments. When I double tapped I did have a few within and inch of the zone, but just know I am not an avid shooter. The gun is a little heavy, but it does have 15 .45s in it. I am a bit large so the extra weight carries ok.
Would like to hear from anyone who knows about this gun or owns one themselves. Frankly, it has become my favorite handgun in very short order.
Any comments welcom!

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Don't have one but most everything I've read about them has been very positive.
I liked the one I bought so much, after a few thousand rounds, got another. Only negatives are, holster makers are few, and it is not for shorts and t-shirt concealed carry, but if I know I'll need a pistol for battle, this is the one.
I purchased one a little over 3 months ago.

500+ rounds with no FTF or FTE issues. For a .45 it has a soft recoil. It was dead on out of the box so need to adjust the sights.

It is bulky and heavy which doesn't bother me as I have big hands. It definitely isn't a firearm I would want to pack everyday for long periods of time.

I have found holsters for XDM and Sig P220 fit reasonably well, not perfect but close enough for me.

Overall I am very pleased by the way K2 handles.
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