Anybody have a MS Surface notebook?

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by buckhuntr, Jul 10, 2017.

  1. buckhuntr

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    After my surgery, i will be restricted to lifting no more than 5# for at least a few weeks. Wife's Acer laptop computer weighs more than that, plus it's 9 years old and starting to have some minor issues. So we bought a MS Surface at Best Buy, since it is lightweight, has a real keyboard, touchscreen, and wifi built-in. Anybody here used one?
  2. CourtJester

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    I have been using one for work for a little over a year. I'm actually typing on it right now at my dinning room table. My home laptop crapped out and I haven't bothered replacing it but cause this one does it all so well.

    The whole thing is stupid small but the key board that sticks to it with a magnet is big enough for my fat fingers. The key pad also closes up over the screen to protect it when traveling. The mouse that comes with it is blue tooth and works great.
    You can pull the key board off in under a second and use it as a tablet like an iPad too, but It's easier for me to use the key board so I don't full with typing and tapping the screen. But ya can if ya want. It also comes with a magnetic pen so that you can write things on the screen rather typing too. I used it once just to see how it worked, but I found it to be retarded because I'd rather just type. But it'll doo that too if ya want.

    The charger cable is magnetic and plugs up and unplugs in a fraction of a second. You can also plug a computer monitor into the charger base and use it on a normal size screen or two as well.

    It does everything I need with no issues. This forum, excel, word, outlook, youtube, sap, etc.

    The biggest plus is that it's considered a tablet so you don't have to pull it out and screw with it through security at the air ports in the US.

  3. buckhuntr

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    That's great, Jester, so now i know who to ask when i can't figger something out!
    I'll get stuff set up on it this weekend, then it'll be ready to roll when i get released.
  4. youngridge

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    I have a surface pro 3 with a surface pro 4 keyboard(keys are spaced out better and larger touch pad). I use it quite a bit for work, the only gripe I have is when office does an update that has a bug, they fix it right away if you call in. Other than that it works awesome and flawlessly. Battery is excellent, I recommend getting two charges, and a vehicle charger just in case.

    The touch screen works good and with a little practice you get pretty good with using the pen. I turned the blue tooth off on mine since it seemed to deplete the surface pen battery and laptop battery more quickly.

    I think they are on surface pro 4 or 5 now, not quite sure.

    I have an I pad and I phone i can set up a hot spot on if I am out of the office or not at home wifi. I thought having am I pad was awesome for work, but there are just things that a laptop can do that a tablet cant, and this fills the void dang well.

    Get a screen protector, and a physical mouse if you do not keep your wrist up while typing. I have and HDMI adapter that works well for hooking up to a projector along with and tvs at hotels when I am on the road so I can watch Netflix. Just wish I had a remote lol.

    Excel, word, power point, outlook all work extremely well on it. My model is 128GB.