Anybody done some coyote hunting latley???

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  1. I am itching to do some coyote hunting. I just moved from the Whit Mountains in Arizona down to Phoenix ad have been wanting to try some desert hunting for a change. I know coyote hunting isn't as glorifying and elk and other game but man i always have fun doing it even if i don't get one. So i just figured i would ask to see if anyone has been out lately and bagged one or not, I would love to hear some stories.Thanks fellas.
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    Not in Arizona, but in Iowa we have just finished our winter season (there isn't a season, but we hunt them differently according to season). Our group killed 70-some within a 10 square mile area. I've seen some hunting shows where they sit in the desert and call coyotes and it looks like a blast, I haven't had much success calling them here in Iowa.

    Just curious, what do you use to shoot them with?

  3. I use am Ar 15 in .223 with some soft points a friend of mine loaded for me. 70 coyotes man that awesome. I have only ever been able to get 3 to come in when i was hunting in the mountains. Maybe i will see more when i get a chance to go down here in the desert.