any1 hav a kb mfg & design AR?

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by kuntreebouy, Sep 9, 2013.

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    just curious about this little comp. out of howa tx, I bought a stripped Anderson lower and a complete psa lower parts kit and put it together , did the 50cent trigg. job with a 1/4 inch set screw to take out the slack of the milspec trigg. [ and polished up everything ] really crisp trigg. now, but im a week or two away from ordering a complete upper parts kit and I have been looking at kb mfg uppers, they have real good prices, er shaw barrels , and reasonably priced upgrade options, with a 20"s.s er shaw 1n8 twist barrel ill be in under 500$ for the upper, my concern is I don't know any1 with1 and I neverheard of them until I stumbled across their site a few months ago, any info on emis greatly appreciated
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    Never heard of them.

    Using a set screw to take up the slack in a two stage trigger is very dangerous. The slack is there to prevent accidental bumps drops and jars from tripping the sear.

    Long as it is a target range gun only and will never be loaded when not at a active firing line for target shooting its not a real issue.