Any suggestions for good see-Thru mounts / rings for my Ranch?

Discussion in 'Mini-14 Forum' started by CaptThomas, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. CaptThomas

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    Looking for a set of good see-thru rings / mount for my ranch rifle but I'm not seeing what I want. I really like the weaver see-thru's but it doesnt look like they make them for the ranch. If I put a rail on then I won't be able to use the iron sight's........

    Any suggestions / what are you guys using that want to keep the iron's?


    Capt. Thomas
  2. hiwall

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    Here's what I did. I made a simple peep sight that I could leave on the gun when the scope is on. Scope is easily removed using only a coin. Peep sight is sighted in for about 75 yards which is fine for me.

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  3. COBrien

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    I looked extensively at see-thru rings when I first bought my Mini. I came to the conclusion, though, that it's hard enough to get a proper cheek weld with a scope in medium or high rings, so see-thrus are going to be that much worse.

    My recommendation would be Warne QD scope rings. They're a bit pricey, but well worth it when you consider Warne guarantees you will return to zero after removing/reinstalling your scope with their rings.