Any plumbers here?

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by Gabob, Feb 8, 2010.

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    A widow in our church told me the hose bib on her hot water tank had a slow drip. I went over this afternoon thinking just replace the washer. No big deal. YEAH RIGHT !!! Turned off water and power to electric heater. Hooked up a hose to drain tank, Opened a hot water faucet in the house to allow air to go back into tank. Hose would not screw on bib tight enough to keep from leaking. Got another hose. Still leaking badly. Took hose off and decided to just screw top off bib remove valve stem, and let the utility room(in carport) flood. Took top off bib and no water. Should have been a flood, I thought. Washer was in bad shape. Had a bottle full of washers. Needed a flat washer. Had about 100 tapered ones. Finally just turned the other washer over and replaced it. No leaks.

    Why did the thing leak before I fooled with it? Leak badly when I tried to drain with a hose.? Completely stop all leaking when I took the valve stem out? My first thought was mud/sludge in the bottom of tank blocking the drain.(It is on a well) . If so, why did it leak to begin with?
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    Too Slow!!!!!!!!!!
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    I know of at least one member who is a plumber and I'm sure he'll be along shortly to help you out.
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    Maybe it was hard water. :D
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    Sediment/scaling in the bottom of the tank sounds like ONE of the symptoms.