Any Place to Shoot in Peoria, Il ?

Discussion in 'Illinois Gun Forum' started by Corndork2, Sep 2, 2012.

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    I just moved to Peoria, IL from Champaign, IL. I am unfortunately not familiar with the Peoria area at all. Does anyone know of a pistol range in or near the Peoria area? Follow up question -- any good firearm dealers in town?

    Thanks for answering the new guy in town's questions!
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    North University has American Firearms. Indoor range and you have to buy ammo from them. I think they rent guns also. Might have yearly memberships. I've been in to shop but have never shot there.

    I'm a member of Chillicothe Sportsmen's Club. Just north of Chilli. Lot's of ranges and up to 300 yards. Indoor in the basement of the clubhouse but mostly during the day for just a couple days per week.

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    Peoria is limited I was a member of mid west gun club in spring bay ages ago but it was getting weird with the leadership like they would show up and start asking weird ?'s and stuff. And then they got so popular you would sit and wait for others, And now I went as a guest this summer and my friend and I were only ones there, And they want gates always closed and nobody in like it's some top secret club now :confused:

    AMerican is good but yes you must buy their ammo, and then often deal with insecure wifes or girl friends tagging along to not be away from their security blanket husbands lol. I was there a couple weeks ago and some girl was complaining it's loud in here and kept staring at me like I was a freak.

    Chillicothe is a nice club very large private campus and many nice members I haven't been there in about 15 years but a good remote safe location.

    I am possibly moving full time to Florida in 2013 so I don't see a reason to join a club at this time. Plus target shooting when ammo is getting harder to get is not on my list ;)

    I have a airsoft Ar-15 I sit in back yard and shoot cans and little targets when I'm bored. I also do practice real life scenes with a couple of neighbors in my area at night and it's a blast we shoot each other "we stay in alleys not to alarm the other people " Plus living in down town well mainly industrial where I live.
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    I'm newish to the Champaign area and am having a hard time finding somewhere to shoot. any ideas?