Any Pistol & Rifle Clubs

Discussion in 'Illinois Gun Forum' started by Edge, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. Edge

    Edge New Member

    Are there any good Pistol and Rifle Clubs near O'Fallon, IL (15 minutes east of St. Louis)?

    I have come across Caseyville Pistol and Rifle, but they want $350 a year for membership, which I felt was a little steep for what was offered.


  2. Wraith_Calling

    Wraith_Calling New Member

    There is the Belleville Shooting Range (Name has changed, but it's still there) about 2 blocks north of the fountain on 159. A bit steep on shooting prices for members.

    The Highland Gun Club has a pretty nice set up and about half the cost of the Caseyville Pistol and Rifle. It's going to be about a 35 minute drive from O'Fallon. I plan on joining in the near future. You also don't need to be a member to shoot if you want to go and take a look.