Any other flashlight-a-holics

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    I saw a couple of threads here about specific flashlights... Just wanted to see who else is a flashlight nut...

    I had probably 3 or 4 lights until I discovered the Candle Power Forum earlier this year. Now I Have like 18 or so (I have 1 more Solarforce that isn't pictured below).


    1. Eagletac T100C2 Mk II
    2. Coleman Max 110 Lumen Spot/Flood AAA LED
    3. 3D Maglight with Fusion 36 LED Conversion -- 400-600 lumens
    4. C30 Spot to Flood LED
    5. 3D Maglight LED
    6. C30 Spot to Flood LED (I got 2 of these)
    7. Solarforce L2
    8. Solarforce L2m with Attack Bezel
    9. Eagletac M2CX4
    10. Eagletac P20C2 Mk II
    11. Inova Xo (latest generation)
    12. Inova T2-MP 140 lumens
    13. Inova XO3 - 2009 Edition
    14. Brinkman AAA 3W LED
    15. AA Mini Maglight with LED Conversion
    16. Brinkman Xenon 2x123 light

    17. And then the Eagletac T20C2 Mk II on my PS90:


    18. Another Solarforce L2 (not pictured)

    My brightest light is my Eagletac M2XC4 - which is 800 lumens max.


    Eagletac and Inova are my 2 fav brands I think. Eagletac has the latest technology, and are super bright. And, Inovas are built like tanks. I carried my Inova XO3 for a year as my everyday carry light - and I dropped it many times. Still works great.

    MY fav light is my Eagletac P20C2 Mk II, thought. It's my new everyday carry.