Any Nascar Fans? Pipe up...

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by jps37033, Nov 23, 2009.

  1. jps37033

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    Congrats to Jimmy on history!, I am a Gordon Fan... Mark Martin ROCKS!....

    My favorite was Rusty Wallace when he raced so I still followed the #2 and Kurt Busch.

    Tonight, Kurt Busch showed what a bEOATCHHHHHHH he was and a loser like his brother! I was so discraced and dissappointed at him. Did you hear the speach he gave "This is a great chance to throw my crew chief under the bus", We had a good season and worked well together, but I will find better", and "he did good, but his two tire choice cost us"...

    Jimmy had as many trials as you and drove the wheels off that car. Quit whining and go suck your brothers thumb. IM PISSED! No longer a busch/miller lite/#2 follower.

    And I thought his brother was the cry baby sissy....
  2. Shooter girl

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    I really tried to get into NASCAR years ago. I really did. But I just couldn't get into it.

    Vrooooooooomm, left turn, left turn, left turn, left turn, vrooooooooooomm for five hundred miles.

    To each their own though. I am sure there are lots of things I am interested in that many people would find boring.

  3. spittinfire

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    I'm sorry but I can't stand nascar. I grew up in Mooresville, NC or race city, USA!! WHOOOOO!! yeah right. My dad works in racing and has for over 15 years. When we first got here it wasn't bad at all but now it's just rediculous. All the cars are the same, there is no competition anymore. It's more about drama then it is about cars or racing. It's like wrestling with a steering wheel.
    Forget NTI, bunch of dumb kids trying to race down the main 4 lane with less then 300 yards between traffic lights. Think they're the cats meow.
  4. cpttango30

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    I gave up on NASCAR when they went to that stupid race to the cup crap. Now they are doing it in NHRA too and I am losing intrest in it.

    The cars are not stock. So how is it stock car racing?

    Here is what I think they need to do.
    1. Cars Have to run engines they are produced with.
    2. Cars should have all acc. they are sold with and they should work.
    3. The only mods allowed should be safety.
    4. Cars should look as they left the factory.

    If you are running a ford Taurus then you get that car add a roll cage and add a racing seat. That is it then you race it. If you car is not built with a v-8 then you can't run a v-8. If your car is built with a V-6 then that is what you run a bone stock factory v-6 with all the factory emmisions and acc on it and a muffler.

    To me that would be more fun to watch. That would prove who builds the best cars. Not some tube frame same car but for the paint crap they got going now.

    I thought Gordon was a flamming homo?
  5. john300k

    john300k New Member

    I think the economy, the COT and Jimmy Johnson have really hurt the sport. I'm a big Nascar fan and I have family that works for Joe Gibbs Racing. I really have nothing against JJ but it is getting really old...4 championships in row. Just like any sport, it sucks when the same person or teams win all the time. I have seen alot of empty seats at the race tracks...
  6. Yunus

    Yunus New Member

    Watching the crashes is cool and the last couple laps of a race can also be very exciting. So basically Sports Center the next day is enough for me.

    I would like to see total factory cars racing. That would be exciting, I'm sure one manufacturer would become a dominant force but it would be cool to watch for a while.
  7. gorknoids

    gorknoids New Member

    This is the first year in a LOONG time that I haven't been to at least 1 race. I don't live far from Richmond, and I do the Daytona 500 every couple of years. Been to Charlotte, Darlington, and even got a ride around Texas at 90MPH in a rental van.
    The Mega-Teams are screwing up the racing, IMHO. That, and this ridiculous POS COT. I've been a big fan of Jeremy Mayfield since Sterling Marlin became a sandbagger/drank the corporate Kool-Aid. I was really happy when he bankrolled his own team this year and picked up guys who had lost their jobs. He qualified for a few races, and then the Dope Detectives moved in. Hard to say if Ray Evernham had a hand in any of it (Jeremy was somewhat outspoken about Ray giving up racing for poontang). Jeremy and Rusty were team-mates for several years, and I was in the stands when they handed Speed Racer the Daytona 500 a few years back by not stopping for tires. Maybe they were both really stoned! :D
    Any more, if you're not in the Hendrick, Childress or Rousch stables, you're an also-ran. Mike Helton has screwed up some big decisions over the years, they need to do away with restrictor plates now that they have SAFER barriers and HANS devices and roof flaps (Racing doesn't kill people, racing 43 cars in 215' kills people) and quite frankly, after the top 12 are in, I don't give a damn about individual races anymore. The Chase has turned off more people than it has brought into the fold, because racing does not lend itself to a playoff format.
    I have to say that I find it comical to hear anyone say that they loved Rusty but they can't stand whiners! That's like saying you love Michael Jackson but you hate Child molesters.
  8. freefall

    freefall New Member

    I would rather watch the WNBA than NASCAR. :cool:
  9. yesicarry

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    After that would be a golf tourney..

    Then Barney the Dinosaur..

    Then NASCAR...