Any know know how to remove this extension tube?

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    I have a Magpul stock I want to put on but I need to add the correct tube. Do I need a special tool? ImageUploadedByFirearms Talk1457131237.862940.jpg ImageUploadedByFirearms Talk1457131246.429929.jpg
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    If you don't have an armorer's wrench,you can use a flat punch and a hammer to loosen the castle nut. Once you loosen it,you can un-screw the buffer tube from the lower receiver.
    NOTE!! When you un-screw the buffer tube,the buffer catch & spring will shoot out of the hole if your not careful. Keep a finger on top of them when you are taking the buffer tube out of the receiver.

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    You will need a castle nut wrench to remove guessed it castle nut! lol

    Check some YouTube vids if you can. You have to be careful or the takedown pin spring and or detent can go flying when you remove the endplate.

    Same with the buffer detent and spring when you unscrew the tube.

    Edit: Hillbilly was just at little faster!

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    Great information, thanks guys!
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    Going by the picture, I'm seeing you're going from a carbine to a rifle stock(by looking at tube and buffer). Yes, you'll definitely need to change out (all) the components to make things work/assemble correctly.

    As others have said, you'll need a castle nut wrench and putting the lower into a padded vise to break the nut loose in most instances if the nut was torqued on correctly. Also, you may have staked metal in the nut's locking grooves which will make getting the nut off harder--but not impossible. Watch for that spring slipping out unexpectedly behind the end plate like Hillbilly mentioned.
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    You will need a multipurpose AR15 wrench, preferably one with a 1/2" drive cutout (mine is DPMS. had it for several years) so you can put a torque wrench on it when you are re-installing the new buffer tube. Hint: remove the pistol grip so you can have more clearance to turn the wrench.