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Any interest in this?

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I know this isn't the right place for this really, but I already posted in the classifieds section. I just want to spread it around for those who may not check the classifieds often.

I am asking for $1,300 for my early 1990s Browning 425, Leather hard case, 2 factory flush chokes, and 2 other triggers of different style because I have had two new competition guns since I bought this.

I bought it NIB from a local Doctor for $2,000. Already had the Leather case.

Browning 425 30" ported barrels. MAYBE 3,000 rounds through it. I shot Sporting Clays with it so a big shoot for me was 100 rounds. had the gun for 2 years, then got a new gun before I went to college to compete.

There are a few shallow nicks in the stock. Some @sshat tore away from the shooting area and sprayed the gun rack with gravel.

If you're interested, pm me or call at 716-545-9068 between 11-9 and we can work out details.


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That's really the point of classifieds, otherwise there would be a million threads of people trying to sell something.
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